New Project begins, 1974 P6 3500 V8


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More progress, should be getting the fully rebuilt short block back soon-ish, hopefully have the engine bay finished but lots to do!
Black paint is chassis based that is fuel & heat resistant, I've brushed painted what you can see and have rolled the wing tops but I may flatten them off slightly and go over with rattle can for a better finish but that's the whole under side of the car/inner wings etc complete now in terms of cleaning painting, suspension refurb. Next messy bits will be the prep n full repaint hopefully next year.








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Few more pics, fitted screen back in with the new rubber, tried the drivers top stainless trim section but the rubber doesn't want to seem to get right into the corner for some reason, all appears to be seated correctly so need to investigate. Still its getting there bit by bit :)




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These are the new rims I want, polished America racing Torque Thrust D, 7x15"...really wanted the 5 spoke Cragar's I had on the red P6 but cannot get them any more. But these are pure filth too so they will more than look the part :cool:


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At last I was able to collect the fully rebuilt short block & heads a couple of weeks ago, 80% assembled, once done I'll finish the engine bay ready for refit and first start up! Oh in the middle of new kitchen refit so it's juggling act with the car, kitchen & working from home :-$







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Thanks Guys! Stu, block/heads were cleaned at the engineers & then I sprayed it in heat resistant silver engine paint before assembling it.

Tor, hopefully it'll stay clean....ish once its back on the road! :)


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Finally have been able to get back in the garage over the Christmas holiday & get my engine back in the car!
Almost ready for the initial fire up, radiator, fuel pump & heater box to refit then ready for the big moment :-0 .
Also need to refit speedo cable so I can zero it ready for the first 500miles running in time :)








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Just gets better and better. Thanks BTW for the great photographs. Seriously useful reference for when I take stuff apart. One thing. Not so sure about the dynamat on the firewall engine side. Probably would have gone with this as it looks exactly like what is seen on modern cars. I'd be tempted also to put some where the exhaust runs under the cabin. Acoustic Heatshield


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Thanks for nice feedback all! :). Glad the thread is of use to you Peter! hopefully more to come once I start the body work possibly later this year
I like the look of the dynamat but will use some new modern thick sound proofing on the front of the heater box, I've yet to add the heat shield to the side of the clutch master cylinder and will add heat wrap to the same side exhaust manifold and also the exhaust under the sump next to the slave cylinder, did exactly the same BW35 auto to manual SD1 LT77 conversion on my last P6 back in 2013 & all worked really well.

Sadly no new update on the alloys yet Tor but fingers crossed I may be able to get them in March / May this year but depends on house stuff, teenagers wanting money for collage ect o_O. I wanted the polished version but they do not appear to offer them anymore so I will opt for the grey painted spokes but see if I can get them polished perhaps ? (pic is the grey painted spoked version in 7x15") veeeery nice !

More progress, wings, new fuel pump & heater box fitted, still various bits to fit/connect plus waiting to get the radiator back from being tested n painted.


So close to starting it !!!! battery is shot so pinched one out of wife cars, all set but not even trying to fire, need to recheck I had the position set up at TDC compression stroke, had rotor arm pointing to number 1 pot but was just the odd puff from the carb intakes, no filter attached as a yet but that was it. Even after sticking £10 worth of fuel in but I noticed that the fuel filter didn't seem to 'fill up' with the ignition on & pump working, this is a new Huco 'sucker' version which I see several people have used with no issues. I has this set up on my last V8 (the red one) and worked fine from day one so all a bit odd, oh and to add insult to injury after cranking the engine over sever times I noticed a nice pool of coolant under the inlet manifold at the rear so small leak somewhere, either the underneath core plug or the metal heater hose attached underneath has holed itself !.
Oh well I'll make sure I have the timing set up correct for initial start up, add another £20 of fuel say to make sure there is more than enough & will buy an new battery...oh yeeeey :-$ , :) a tad frustrating as this is an identical set up to my previous red V8 P6. grrr.