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new s/s bumpers for p5, p5b,P6 found.

Discussion in 'Bodywork & Interior' started by ButterFingers, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    hi there,
    In looking for a replacement rear bumper for my PB6, I found this company , so have a look...

    ROVER | Harrington Group

    pricey but obviously well-made inc over riders too.

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  2. arthuy

    arthuy Well-Known Member

    suggest having a look in the p5 club forum.

    lots of photos and discussusion about these.
  3. classicalgreen

    classicalgreen Active Member

    sadly beyond my funding limits but an ideal goal one day ... mine are serviceable but in need or refurb as 40 years and several owners later have battle scars and some pitting etc
  4. Riddler

    Riddler Active Member

  5. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    that is excellent value for money, only wish it was a rear bumper with over riders....:)
  6. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    I had a good look at the recommended forum and was amazed at the lack of accurate measurements relating to the bumper fixings of the Harrington group products.
    I would be very wary of dealing with that company, the bumper finish was excellent but they did not fit because of inaccurate location of various brackets. the poor club members who
    bought new sets of bumpers had to somehow "adapt the fixings ". Not good enough if you have just spent over 1000 pounds on bumpers in S/S.There is mention of another company in France, but in looking at there adverts,
    it seems like a clone of The Harrington Group
    Bumpers / Rover - Bumperworld - Stainless steel classic car bumpers like some funny business here and about?o_O
  7. colnerov

    colnerov Well-Known Member

    Hi, When running, repairing and restoring older cars you soon learn to make do and mend. Honestly, making new brackets up to mount the bumpers, for me, is no big deal. The hard part of making and polishing the bumpers is done. I know that is not for everyone.

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  8. roverp5Bcoupe

    roverp5Bcoupe Member

    Bumperworld is a Dutch trading company (1 person company) and they sell the same bumpers as Harrington. As far as i know , the bumper are made in Vietnam. I bought a set for my P5B from Bumperworld which i currently restore. I trial fitted these and a few small mods are needed but basically these are well made and very well polished. From a engineering/production point of view, bumpers are very complex with lots of curves and radius so not easy to engineer. I think the price is reasonable and if you expect these to be 100% identical to the originals, you have to pay 3 times the price as production quantitys are relatively low (so tooling costs per bumper are high). Most of the reproduced parts for classic cars are made in the far east to keep the price low but engineer/production standards are different from european ones but if these would be manufactured in Europe the price would be much higher (3x?)

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  9. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    Do you think that "Bumperworld buy their stock from "Harrington's" , and resell on? seems like it to me.

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