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Hi, does anybody know of a good oil filter cross compatibility reference I could use? At present I have a Frame filter on the car but I notice it doesn't have the anti drain valve and really don't like leaving it like that.


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Thanks James. Not sure if the number of the Fram I have fitted. I'll chrck out the Napa one you mentioned, that has the anti drain valve?

Demetrius, I'll see if I can get the wix here in the U.S. Too.
It's not the anti drain valve that you have to worry about with the oil filter, it's the presence of a standpipe inside the filter. The numbers quoted here are all have the standpipe, BTW. I would use the Wix or the NAPA filter over the Fram

has anyone had any experience with oil filters that have an anti drain valve instead of the standpipe inside the filter? In my opinion the anti drain valve requires a pressure to open when the engine is running and this would result in a drop in oil pressure. I am asking because I need to change the oil and have the 2 types. The ones with a valve were bought from The P6 Rover Owners Club stock and I am not sure if I should use them or not.

Hi Richard, I assume you are referring to the Mann filter that the P6ROC sells? These have the non-return valve and we have sold many without any problems. One of our members even contacted Mann to confirm they were the correct ones for the 4 cylinder P6, of course they did confirm they were the correct ones.
We also sell the correct Fram filter for the V8. Both types of filter are £9.00 each or 2 for £17.00 + p&p (£3.50 for 1 or 2 filters)
Hi Deborah,
good to hear from you.
The filters I have were bought way back in 2012 (you were still Squires then:D) and are in black boxes. I am sure they aren't Mann but at the moment cannot remember the name although they start with a T. I'll confirm this evening. The Mann filters the club stocks have an anti drain valve or the standpipe inside the filter? Thanks.


Just re-read your post and noted you already confirmed they have a non return valve - sorry.
Hi Richard
The ones you have were Techno ? which I had several years ago. Rover Classics use to sell the same ones when they were available.

PS struggling to find the time to have a week in Malta but could do with one! ;-)
Thanks Deborah.
If you find the time to come to Malta please do let me know . Would be great to meet .
By the way that offer to meet when in Malta is open to all forum members!

This is were my query started from.
Going back to basics to try and explain what I mean, oil filters have at least 2 valves. One is the rubber flap seen beneath the 6/8 holes where the oil enters the filter and this is an anti drain valve and the other valve is installed inside the filter seen at the bottom of the central hole and this is a by pass valve that opens only if the filter gets clogged to avoid oil starvation to the engine. In the case where the oil filter is installed facing down , as in the P6 4 cyl, usually a second anti drain valve is installed at the top of the central hole where oil exits the filter. In the case of the P6 (and there are other applications) instead of this 3rd valve, a tube is installed to the bottom of the central hole and this also is an anti drain valve (the standpipe).
Now to my original query. The 3 rd anti drain valve is spring loaded and will require oil pressure to open (I do not know how much pressure is required ) meaning it will restrict oil flow. The P6 was not designed with this spring loaded valve but with the standpipe that does not restrict oil flow. Should I worry about this oil pressure difference?
In the meantime I have carried out an oil change and installed one of the Technocar filters I have (these have the spring loaded central anti drain valve) and have not seen any difference from the other filters used to date. The oil pressure light goes out on start up within the first 2/3 seconds. I cannot say exactly how much because I am usually pushing in the choke to avoid revving the engine when cold.
Well I'm backtracking now, aside from the clarification on what valve we're talking about. The reading I just did suggests that logically the P6 needs both the anti-drain valve & the standpipe, and I always thought the valve wasn't necessary.

A valve instead of the standpipe is new to me, I can see your concern. Presumably a system designed to use would allow for the valve restriction, and the P6 may not.

In the meantime I found specifications for a Bosch filter which according to Bosch fits the P6 and it is stated that the valve opens at 0.12 Bar. I think we are safe!

Article №: 0 451 203 154 Oil Filter

Car parts maker: BOSCH

Suitable for ROVER 2200-3500 (P6) 2200 (TC) (83 KW / 113 HP / from 1963)

  • Bypass Valve Opening Pressure [bar]0,8
  • Reverse Lock Opening Pressure [bar]0,12
  • Port Thread3/4" 16 UNF
  • Height [mm]95
  • Diameter 3 [mm]62
  • Diameter 2 [mm]71
  • Diameter 1 [mm]93
  • Diameter [mm]96