Oops I did it again. I've entered the Rover in an Autotest.


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I've entered the Rover in an Autotest. This is a forwards only multi venue autotest, so it's not that mad.:rolleyes:
The other entries in the Classic car class are either Minis or Midgets. I hope they like the sound of a V8. Entry List
When out 'testing' I found the clutch is not up to the torque on a dry grippy surface. So currently, I have the gearbox out and flywheel off ready to machine to accept a chevi 10.8" clutch.
The autotest is this coming Saturday and as far as I know can be followed live online. at Stopastride Live Timing

We used to do a Targa rally at this time of the year, but they don;t allow more than 4cyl car to enter now....... So, I found the Forward Challenge Autotest. First Motorsport event for quite a while for the big girl. I'm frantically fixing all the little 'make dos' this week.


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I estimate ~250bhp, but who knows. The limit being keeping the std size SUs, limits the high end power, but giving plenty of torque low down, hence the slipping clutch. Paul at V8 Tune estimated with a fancy carb, the engine has the potential to be around 300.

Heavy, On the pedal? Hope not to much, it is a much larger plate so it doesn't need to be.
Or are you thinking of acceleration? I didn't weigh the larger clutch, it is heavier, but not vastly.

My new unforeseen issue is the diaphragm is 1/2" deeper (higher:hmm:) than standard. The 1/2" is stopping me getting the gearbox on with the engine installed. So, I'll stop working early today, before unmounting the engine to find room to accept the gearbox. If only I'd done your removalable latch panel mod. Maybe next as I can see me removing the engine/gearbox soon to clean up the transmission tunnel and sort out this propshaft alignment.

I just hope it all works first fit, as the event is now tomorrow and no time to give the clutch a proper bedding in. Looks to icy too, so it probably would have been fine on the original clutch.:rolleyes:


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Yes heavy on the pedal.
I wonder if the 1/2” will create an issue with the throw out lever and bearing carrier ?

Good luck for tomorrow, I hope you can get it together on time.
I suppose you could throw the old clutch back in to get there.
I cannot remember my old torque figure, but I never had a hint of slippage on a stock SD1 clutch


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I wonder if the 1/2” will create an issue with the throw out lever and bearing carrier ?
So, do I.... They do warn you fitting it requires the clutch actuation to be perfect to cope.
Just inside for a rest after getting the gearbox/engine together and back in place. Need to connect all the auxiliaries now. It's already icy outside and we live on a long steep hill, not the best for a test drive.

I only noticed the slipping clutch on standing start, grippy surface. I never noticed it when underway. But the flywheel was quite glazed, so proibably slightly slipping without me noticing. I'm not one to drive WOT for too long. I leave that for when I'm out on the 50cc moped.

I suppose you could throw the old clutch back in to get there.
:LOL::LOL: I couldn't face it now. This was to be a gentlemans day out, but now turning into a week of late nights.

Yeah good luck, hope the weather holds out for you
Thanks, I think we are spared the snow. But it the usual motorsport venue, old airfield always windy and no where to hide.


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I wonder if the 1/2” will create an issue with the throw out lever and bearing carrier ?
No. It is fine. I've had to space the slave cylinder off the bellhouse face by 4-washers (~4-6mm) but the bite is about half way on the pedal stoke. :thumb:

Hopefully it is not too heavy.
No, not too heavy, if anything maybe slightly heaver than std SD1.
Every now and again I'm stalling on getting away, so that probably shows that this clutch is better and the last was slipping slightly.

Once the car together again at 1am, a quick test drive and off the event at 6am.
First damage of the day was still at home, when the light knob exploded.
If you have a spare, please PM me.

On parking up, you can see how over sized the Rover is to the other normal autotest cars.

First test was tighter than I was wanted or expected, and somewhere we picked up a little damage. We don't remember touching anything.

After that, more tests on more open car parks and I had fun, surprised fellow competitors to the abilities of the old girl. Entertained the marshals, which a good few thanked me for bringing the sound of a V8 to an autotest. One photographer was over moon to hear and see the car. I haven't found any images or video of the day yet, but will report back if I do.
By the end of the day, after 20 tests, my arm was weak. No long having the strength to wind the steering wheel fully, if I didn't get a throw perfect I was unable to correct. So our times dropped off and we were still happy.
We battled with overheating all day. I don't (and will not) run an electric fan and found the car unable to cool down between tests. Yes, I know, but that's OK with me.
Overall we were last, but some of the tests, we were not last.
A totally inappropriate car to do autotests, but still fun when behind the wheel.
Can't see 50 yards today, we got that fog too but, it's frozen. Never seen anything like it. Still -5 here, and only down the road a bit from you. 20221212_132949.jpg
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