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Some very basic questions, sorry! 2200SC, 1975 car. Currently no overriders, but I like the look of them. I have purchased a pair of good used front. My questions are as follows:
1. Rear overridders commend a higher second hand price it seems, and don't come up on ebay as often of fronts (I am not currently in the right place to spend hundreds on NOS or rechromed versions unfortunately). Can the front overriders be 'repurposed' and fitted to the rear bumper?
2. A general fitment question - as the bumpers don't have anything I can see in terms of overrider fitments, and the pics online I looked at have a bracket with what appears to be a threaded hole, is fitment just with a long enough bolt to but against inner bumper - can't be that simple is it? Is there something else I require? If not, does anyone know the bolt specs?
3. In my front bumper there are two holes in the underside - are these anything to do with overriders - not convinced they are, but wondered what they were for all the same.
4. To Fit, I presume the bumpers come off and the overrider just 'rolls' on - could be wrong, but looking at the dimensions plus my car I wouldn't have thought there was room between bumper and body when in situ.
Thanks in advance for answering what are probably self-explanatory questions if I had an overrider in hand to look at!
On the plus side, I fixed the wipers without asking any eye-rollingly obvious questions :)


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@Mick Rae
1. Front bumpers will fit on the rear, upside down, but looking backwards from the boot you'll be able to see 'inside' them, as they don't have the extra 'closing plate' (for want of the proper terminology!).
2. It really is that simple!
3. The two little holes under the bumper aren't for overriders. I don't know why they're there.
4. They do just roll on without having to remove the bumper.


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Each overrider should have the overrider itself with a bracket and threaded hole welded to it, two plastic trims which go between the overrider and bumper, and a shaped spacer which is a push fit into the bumper for the bolt to do up against.

Have you got a picture of what you have?
Hi, and thank you. Currently have nothing, just planning for when the overriders arrive. I reckon good chance I will be missing the bolts and the spacer that is mentioned above. And so to next question, does anyone know if said spacers are available anywhere? I have plenty rubber trims that will do the job of the plastic stuff so won't need that
Thanks again to everyone
And Mr Task, thank you for helping me not take bumper off today :). Nice to know I can fit them without too much palaver once I get the spacers and bolts.
Thanks Horselogger, I will get some 3/8 unf bolts once I figure out length...... Will wait until the overriders turn up. Can't find spacer pieces for sale anywhere, but shouldn't be too hard to fashion something suitable if I can't get hold of the real thing.
Thanks Horselogger, I will get some 3/8 unf bolts once I figure out length...... Will wait until the overriders turn up. Can't find spacer pieces for sale anywhere, but shouldn't be too hard to fashion something suitable if I can't get hold of the real thing.
I fitted mine a couple of years ago. If there’s no other way I could take one off and photograph/measure the spacer. Bolt length could be checked then. I think there are old posts on the Forum which might yield some answers.
That's a great offer! But I'll see what I can do once I get the overiders delivered. Hopefully I'll figure something out without causing you that hassle, but who knows. I really appreciate your offer, and all your help everyone!


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If you want to see what the spacers look like, search "overrider mounting wedge" on the Wins site. I used 2 originals for my car and also made up 2 replacements with some plate and the welder as a couple of them were to far gone to reuse.


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My car came with overriders both ends. The rears were not tight - easy to bump them so they rotated around the bar. On inspection the bolts used did not not have enough thread to fully tighten against the shaped spacer, so I had to get longer ones. At one point I found that the boot lid fouled on the RH overrider if it was even a tiny bit rotated - had to loosen off the bumper bolts and ensure it was as far back as possible. I found it a PITA to get the spacer back into place if it fell out.
Sorry to stick my nose in. Mick, don't you have a 2000 style bumper? It has the "overriders" around the number plate and grill-bar.. Are you going for another set? It will look pretty cluttered at the front with all that "furniture".


My "backends" coming off tomorrow, hopefully, they are very tight. I'm waiting for a new set of spanners. My garage is so small, I had to hack the garage door. Only two large bruises on my right leg from squeezing in and out past them. Not as bad as a tow bar on the shin mind.
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I know your pain with the garage size - mine was almost fine with my MG BGT. Almost. Even after a redesign, I am still finding ways to knock stuff over.............how to break it to rest of family that their stuff is no longer welcome to be stored there? That said, I'm still like a pig in the muck with my P6, has completely removed the concept of free time from my life, no more wasting away in front of the TV - magic!