P6 V8 recon radiator width?

Hi All, I'm hoping someone can solve a problem I'm having with fitting my new radiator.....
I actually sent my rad off for exchange for a reconditioned item in July 2017, but have only recently reached the point where I'm ready to fit it, and it seems too wide. I measured it at 660mm across on the same level as the mounting brackets, does this seem right? It's a tight fit in the base unit, physically rubbing on both sides of the aperture. Also the offside mounting bracket is nowhere near the mounting on the base unit, and if I make it line up with the hole in the base unit, the radiator is not parallel with the bonnet slam panel, having a gap of almost an inch at the offside and only about a quarter inch at the nearside.
Has anyone else had similar issues? I remember the old radiator being a close fit but not touching at the sides.
Thanks in advance for any ideas. IMG_20210920_203821.jpg


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Hello Graham,

I measured my spare which is awaiting a new core, and from the outside edge of each end tank, the distance is 655mm. From the bolt hole slot on each bracket, the distance between is 680mm. To me, your bracket has either been bent or soldered in the wrong spot. Can you bend the bracket so the holes align? It doesn't look like there is great deal of horizontal movement required.



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I had a similar problem refitting my rad after a refurb - offside bracket needed some massaging to get the bolt to fit. Its common for brackets soldered to the side tanks to partially break the solder and move under load.
A couple of shots of the radiator out of the car would be interesting. it appears in current photo that the core isn't joined to the tank? not sure how the water will get in and out?
Occasionally, repairers will put the brackets back in the wrong place....it would seem that is the case with yours.


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If the radiator end tanks are hard against the base unit, the odds are it will fail in short order as the tubes will expand and try to push in & out of the tank plates and eventually crack the solder. The radiator needs to be able to float to a degree, either on the brackets or rubber mounts. The bigger the radiator the worse is the problem. An unrestrained 500mm long brass radiator will expand about 0.7mm with change in temperature of 80 C . I had it happen on my Land Rover radiator , before the mounting brackets on it were redesigned by the company to allow a bit of flex , and it was changed under warranty .
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Thanks everyone for the replies. SydneyRoverP6B, your measurements confirmed my radiator seems overly wide. I've attached some pics of the rad on its own, looks well made on the face of it, but if I "squared up" the bracket a bit it would be even further out of line. IMG_20210927_203714.jpg IMG_20210927_203931.jpg IMG_20210927_203714.jpg IMG_20210927_203931.jpg
Hi All
Update on my radiator. I contacted the supplier - their recommendation: panel beat the base unit to clear the radiator! Like knocking a hole in the wall of your house so you can carry your baguette in sideways.