P6B in Auction


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these vehicles have been stored in numerous barns on the same property for quite a few years.
The property that the vehicles had been stored has been sold for redevelopment and the vehicles needed to be moved to make way for the redevelopment.
The vehicles have been collected from the barns that they lay in and transported to our site ready to be auctioned.
No inspections or appraisals have been done on these vehicles.We are selling the vehicles as “Sold as seen / without warranty”.
We DO NOT have any documentation for any of the vehicles and will not engage in attempting to locate documents for any of the vehicles in this auction.
Please be aware that the registration numbers on the vehicles have not be confirmed as belonging to the vehicle they appear on – as they may have been retained by a previous owner. Please take note that you will be bidding on the vehicle NOT the registration number.
No claims will be entertained with reference to “mis representation” eg: Wrong model or make in the description, etc . ALL bidders must satisfy themselves through either a personal viewing or their own research that the “vehicle” is what they believe it is
replacing the entire carpet set is unusual:) but there you go, it matches the body colour and just what is that exhaust? :DOverall looks like a potential winner, good spot P480:p