paint code wanted - paint code for mexico brown wanted

can anyone help me with the paint code for mexico brown?
i have gone through the previous posts on paint codes and connot find it.
purhaps the subject could be covered in a future issue of p6 news. someone out there must have all the codes used on the p6 from start to finish of production.
nick t
Hi Nick.

The paint code you require is referance

GL 28775. Mexico Brown.

Rover used this from 1970 through to 1975. The paint was supplied by a company called Ault Wiborg.

Your paint shop should be able to trace this.

Hope this helps.

Paul. :D
Just to add.
The paint codes were in one of the back issues of P6 News, but can't remember how long ago.
Brenda will sent the codes to Deborah again to publish in this months P6 News if she has room.

Paul ;)
This was posted by Brenda some time ago
Posted: Sep. 29 2003,16:39

Hi, Please find listed below all the paint codes from Ault Wiborg as requested.

Descriptive Paint Code
Wedgewood Blue GL24624
Zircon Blue GL26055
Corsica Blue GL27637
Scarab Blue GL29554
Atlantis Blue GL31298
Tobacco Leaf GL27636
Mexico Brown GL28775
Brasilia GL31296
Willow Green GL24054
Arden Green GL26026
Sage Green GL28422
Cameron Green GL28730
Avocado GL31295
City Grey GL24623
Burnt Grey GL26397
Lunar Grey GL29552
Copperleaf Red (2) GL24622
Venetian Red (2) GL26464
Brigade Red (1) GL27635
Monza Red GL29230
Paprika GL30526
Richelieu GL31299
Platinum (3) GL31301
White GL24002
Davos White GL28343
Arctic White GL29553
Pendelican GL31294
April Yellow GL27869
Almond GL28774
Turmeric GL31297

Also listed as used on P6 are:
White New White GL26463
Brown Huntsman Brown (4) GL31027

(1) use undercoat GL21013 Light Red
(2) use undercoat GL21014 Crimson
(3) listed as used ONLY on SD1
(4) listed as used on 3½ litre and 2000. The colour chip is very dark brown not dissimilar to Mexico Brown. This is nothing like the colour of the Huntsman Brown vinyl used on the roof panels, which wouldn’t have applied to the 2000 anyway.

Brenda - Membership Secretary