Rattle from front somwhere on P6 3500S

Good day .
Maybe a difficult one to try to get some good advise but here goes ……………

Since I started using it I am plagued with a noise coming form the front somewhere. I don’t believe that it is a suspension noise as it seems to be like a rattle from within the engine bay/bulkhead/inner wings area
Have checked all suspension bits myself and have a good mechanic who has done other work (back brakes included) and he has checked all over and come up with naught.
We thought we had struck lucky with the throttle linkage. Some of the bushes had worn out so these were replaced but to no avail.
Its not a huge problem but it detracts from any pleasure when driving the car.
Also the noise/rattle does disappear when at speed, say over 50 Mph.
Has anyone had similar ?
Thanks again.
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Hi, Check the front damper lower bushes with the weight of the car on the road, with it jacked up and the wheel hanging they are under load and the play is not so obvious. Also that the split pin is through the inner hole.

Hi Colin, checked the damper lower bushes and all tight and secure. This checked with weight on the car.
Also split pin was located through the inner hole.
Back to the drawing board
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As you have eliminated problems from the front ,I would have a look at the exhaust all the way along, as noise can travel .. I once was convinced I had noise from the clutch , wherever you listened the sound came from the bell housing area. Turned out to be the water pump!

Phil Robson

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Make sure the front valance is properly fastened to the front wings with the fixing strips. If they are loose or missing you’ll get a rattle.
Also ensure the bonnet prop has its rubber grommet at its top/front pivot. Again, if it’s missing there’ll be a rattle.


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Check the security of the steering idler too. It suffers from two problems, first is coming loose from the bracket and bracket from the car, second is plain old age and wear in the bottom bearing. Both will provide similar symptoms to that you are experiencing. Try simply tightening up the securing bolts - as tight as you can possible manage!


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I'm with Harvey on this. I have experienced rattling from the bonnet hinges when at speed. With the bonnet closed, try to lift it and you will feel if the hinges are worn and rattle.
Thanks Guys,

will certainly check this however the noise seems to emanate lower than this but cannot dismiss anything.

My problem is that it is only the weekends that I can access the car properly, so until then ………….
Do you have any aftermarket relays in the car? I thought I had a rattle...ended up being 'relay chatter' from the one used to control the aftermarket electric fuel pump. Just shootin' ideas here.
noise does travel and often when found annoyingly simple fault! problem often being pinpointing. here a mechanic in car as driver/passenger with window closed/open and going over various bumps /drains at differing speeds may assist in. at least being sure of an area. do check everything by hand eg exhaust .pipes etc by giving a push pull and estimating ion. excess movement or something cracked ? had a car once. with noise at idle and low speed went away when driving... later identified as a broken spring in clutch plate. good luck an Dif you locate. do post as other may. find a solution suits. an issue they too may have .