records that never made it to CD


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in 1969 I bought my first LPs, one of which was 'Pictures of Life' (Dr Marigolds Prescription) , the following year I got Mfp 'Beach Boys', now these 2 LPs were right at the top of a growing pile of LPs that I just loved totally. I played them a lot and while I saw the majority of my record collection go forward to CD in the 1980s, certain LPs I had, including these two, just never got released as CDs.
OK I did get a record player (again) and played them a few years back but in the end the record player had to go (again) for various reasons which I wont bore you with. so I settled back and enjoyed my CDs, I had a big collection of 70s various artists collections but you did notice that a good number of 70s singles just never make it to the 70s CD collections, e.g Mamas Pearl , Conquistador, Cousin Norman, a lot of my favourite singles never did i find them on the 70s collections CDso_O

so whats the answer? well I finally :LOL: found Itunes and the whole of "Pictures of Life" is on Itunes in superb quality, it just knocked me out, I was just so happy to hear it easily and in such marvellous MP4, fabbo but Mfp 'Beach Boys' was not so easy. In the end I found that the tracks from Mfp 'Beach Boys' was scattered amongst a dozen different other Beach Boys albums on Itunes, you can pick and choose which tracks you want. so it took a while, but in the end I found every track from Mfp 'Beach Boys' and now I can listen to them on MP4, the quality of recording is so high I am just stunned, same tracks as on the LP definitely but with added glory!! I found a lot of my singles, which way you going Billy, Mamas Pearl , Conquistador, Cousin Norman, Hallelujah Freedom (Junior Campbell) , Finders Keepers, I'm on my way to a better place, Bless You and I still cant get over the superb sound recordings of these which are the actual original tracks

anyway I guess I am late to the Itunes party, never really thought about it before, all we need now is a USB socket in the P6 like they have in modern cars gloveboxes JOB DONE!!

has anyone else got LPs that never made it to CD? what did you do?



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I’ve been spinning vinyl for over 40 years; records are a fashion item and CDs on the decline as a format; in the car business and it’s not been possible to buy a new car with a CD player, even as a dealer install option, for several years; I am interested in “CDs that never made it to Record” ( ! ) and the CD I wish would get a reissue on vinyl is Don Was soundtrack to the movie Backbeat…



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I still have all my vinyl. Itunes wiped my library during an involuntary upgrade when l wasn't looking, probably because l didn't buy a single solitary song from them, mostly downloading from Pirate Bay & ripping from my own CD's. So sometime l need to find some way of downloading the library from my iPod.

I've probably got a fair few albums which didn't make it to CD but don't know which.