restored reg plate

My 2000 TC got it's identity back today, The car was bought and first registered in London January of 1970 before being exported to Canada several months later. Personalized plates have been purchased and attached with original registration number.



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Is it not legal to fit period British style plates?
Not that it would look right if you could, but just out of interest...
Redrover, i'm sure I am allowed british style plates for the front. That's something I should do for car shows.I will have to check my local suppliers to see if I can source a proper front plinth. I'm not sure obout the rear though.
Rovering member, I have the original cancelled cheque for the deposit on the car, 200 pounds made out to Henly's ltd. in November 1969. I am assuming the car was purchased on the overseas vacation plan where you buy a car, pick it up in Britain, drive it on your vacation and then is shipped to your home country. It would be interesting to hear from owners whose car was purchased under this plan to see how the cars were registered.
It appears as though it was registered to the Meteor works, and then the owner on the same day, Jan. 12 1970.


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I would check the rules out but there is exemptions for certain vehicles imports being one of them. There may be the need for an exemption certificate.

Smart looking number plates, i like them.