Rover Owners Club Inc(NSW & ACT)


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The club was formed in 1965 by dedicated Rover enthusiasts. The club fosters ownership and running of all Rover cars, motorbikes ad bicycles. Dedicated area convenors and dedicated model coordinators ensure the club maintains a vibrant atmosphere in which to preserve the future of as many Rover cars as is possible.

As of November 2016 the club numbered over 250 members, with 350 Rover models, spanning the timeline of the Rover history.

The club maintains a library of historic and technical books and articles on various Rovers. There is a strong parts stock across earlier models and technical advice available to new owners and unique club merchandise..

A vibrant event calendar of invited and ROC run events ensures members are entertained and have an avenue to show off their cars on an almost weekly basis. Events include display days, cars’n’coffee events, car parts wrecking days and visits to various museums and other social based events also.

The ROC is one of four major Rover owners Club in Australia, the others include the Victoria and Tasmania based Rover Car Club of Australia; the Rover Car Club of South Australia, the Western Australian Rover Owner’s Club and the Rover Car Club of Queensland. There is also the Rover P4 Driver’s Guild of Australia. These clubs all come together every two years in the National Australia “Rove”.

Run by a volunteer committee and dedicated band of experts in various fields from parts, to technical ability to PR and editorial skills, the ROC club also maintains liaison with parts storage and specialist manufacturers world-wide, and in Australia, to ensure club members are able to maintain and preserve their Rovers in excellent condition for the future.


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Hi im a new p6 owner : & have never on a forum in my life i joined the club a few days ago & have been trying to type in looking for help about the jets on my p6=v8: but i cannot seem to find the start typing page like this one that i have just found can anyone help /advice a first timer please :very best regards mick : p6 rover v8 71= bristol :
welcome to site. lots of knowledge here and Harvey is a sort of rover P6 guru especially gearbox issues. normally as far as i am aware u can click through subjects e.g. engine . bodywork an open up any page .respond to questions. posting own thread is by going to section you need to put it e.g. lounge.. when you on that page a small red box ought to show on upper right corner saying . 'Post New Thread' .clicking on that will get a you a fresh page you can write in and ask or rather pose a question in. easy once you have had a bit of practise with site.
as to 'jets' I assume we are referring to carb jets? do also after searching for carb fuelling? jets? etc look at u tube for same and we can try other sites e.g. petrol heads. or even V8 owners . most members of any club are Ok about imparting free advise .thats how many clubs work . members assisting or pointing in hopefully right direction. good luck with car . if theres for example a reason you asking about jets ? then please give explanation a that in itself can help when trying to get an answer.