Rover P6 parts


My father had a series of P6's in the 1970's, 2000's and 3500's. I've fond memories of 'borrowing' them after I passed my driving test.

While clearing out his garage recently I came across a couple of boxes of parts that he had obviously forgotten he had. Attache is a photo.

One head rest has the a metal disk missing hence the hole you can see, the other headrest is complete.

I'd prefer to sell them as a job lot but will split. All sensible offers will be considered. Am based close to Nottingham.




Those headrests are known as "ET" type and are worth a small fortune. I'd suggest that you ask for an honest valuation here before accepting the first offer. Or check ebay's completed listings for an idea how much they sell for.
Only 4 of the light lenses look Rover P6 to me, and aren't worth much.