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Saying hello! P6 roaring again

Discussion in 'Welcome' started by see_span, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. see_span

    see_span New Member

    Hello everyone, thought I'd say hello and introduce myself/my P6!

    I have a 1973 3500 in Almond. The car was languishing in (thankfully dry) storage for the best part of 7 years, I pulled it out of a lockup back in April and after a bit of recommissioning - and some trials and tribulations - it's now back and rumbling on our roads again. And what a lovely thing it is too!

    I have a few different cars, but this is the only one that consistently gets people smiling and waving and coming over just to say hello and chat to you about it. Case in point, I was at the supermarket yesterday afternoon and a lady in her silver years, elegantly dressed, came over as I was loading my shopping into the boot:

    "You know, I used to be loved in a car just like this...loved many times..!"
    After taking a moment to recover my composure, I had to ask "By the same chap?"
    "I won't say.." (!!!) and then with a wry smile she walked away..
    That sort of conversation doesn't happen when you're in a diesel BMW, that's for sure! :D

    I do have some questions but I shall try to ask these in the appropriate sections (this place has already proven to be an absolute treasure trove of information and knowledge). Although... if someone could kindly answer just this one - because I've seen different posts which appear to give conflicting advice and I'm curious to know what my car has: of the two autos, 35 and 65, which gearbox has the dipstick on the same side of the engine as the oil dipstick, and which has it on the opposite side? (I believe that's how you tell the difference?)

    Anyway, some pics of the car:

    The first time she saw daylight in several years!

    And now on the road.

    Last edited: Nov 13, 2017
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  2. PeterZRH

    PeterZRH Well-Known Member

    73 will be a BW35 unless swapped during its life. My 74 had the BW35 and I'm fairly certain unsold stock into 1975 did too.
  3. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    Transmission dipstick on the same side as the engine dipstick = BW65, on the other side (driver's side RHD) = BW35.
    A 1973 car on an "M" plate could be either, but if it's a 65 then that's a result.

    I can't see the pics.
  4. harveyp6

    harveyp6 Well-Known Member

    I've never seen an old stock car registered in 1975 with a BW35.
  5. see_span

    see_span New Member

    Thanks BW35 it is then! And apologies, photos should be working now...
  6. mrtask

    mrtask Well-Known Member

    That has to be one of the funniest remarks I've read on this forum in years. I honestly laughed out loud. Excellent!
  7. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    yes we need more comments like that ;) I would like to say that I had been doing the loving many times in my p6 but a gentleman never tells :D so I better stay stum about it.
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  8. Alfa Bob

    Alfa Bob New Member

    That sort of conversation doesn't happen when you're in a diesel BMW, that's for sure! :D

    You are right. The BMW reveal would be something like:

    "I used to deal coke from a car like that"
    "My pimp used to drive me to the docks in a car like that"
    " I could never get the indicators to work"
    "It was a great car for queue-jumping"

    There are probably hundreds more.
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  9. machman767

    machman767 Member

    Aww, just bought myself a BMW, thought those comments would be better suited to Audi's......:D Funnily enough the indicators are a bit weird...!

  10. Alfa Bob

    Alfa Bob New Member

    Enjoy the BMW Mick. They're not my cup of tea, but have to admit there are some really good looking ones these days. I'm looking forward to finding a nice P6 V8.

    (PS: The BMW jibes were only in fun!)
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  11. machman767

    machman767 Member

    No worries, Bob. Not gone for anything too exotic, 320d Auto, I’m keeping Charlotte for that! Keep looking, they are out there!

  12. quattro

    quattro Well-Known Member

    Oi! I resemble that remark :oops:
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  13. machman767

    machman767 Member

    Like Bob, only kidding, I'm sure us P6 lads are the epitome of restraint!!;)

  14. machman767

    machman767 Member

    And getting back to topic, that's one mighty fine car you've got there, see_span, cant beat a nice almond P6.

  15. see_span

    see_span New Member

    :D many thanks! I just love burbling around in it, and it really highlights for me how modern cars have forgotten how to ride comfortably!
  16. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Yeah its a bit funny really, when a car that is more than 40 years old is more comfortable than a modern car you have got to wonder where it all went wrong in the evolution of the modern motor car.

    I suppose from my experience of my car I have improved on the car from it's manufacture date, with its bigger feet, better shocks and improved ARB, all that has resulted in a much more pleasant and safe ride however it is more than comparable to the best of whats available today.

  17. see_span

    see_span New Member

    I blame the "sports" suspension that seems impossible to escape nowadays, and low profile tyres on everything - even something that should have squishy tyres with plenty of sidewall like a Range Rover
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  18. classicalgreen

    classicalgreen Active Member

    have to admit for a car so old it has greta ride qaulity . brakes and performance are ok even by todays standards ..only gripes i have are no power steering online ! and I ca't get used the heavy roll on bends in country when you lean so heavily.. don't mind right han bends as I can feel car not lifting off road..but left sudden bends have my stomach churning. I may even have to start saving pennies in jam jar so I can think about getting an 'upgraded'? anti roll bar. pity they didn't have stiffer ones when made! or maybe an additional one on rear?
  19. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Others have tried the rear ARB and have found no appreciable improvement.


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