Scrappage Scheme Cars


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If you reconsider the criteria – that all cars accepted in part exchange must have a valid MOT – then it becomes worrying that so many P6s met their end during this scheme. With roughly around 2000 P6s still registered as on the road with the DVLA out of just over 300,000 built between 1963-1977, their survival rate is dangerously low.

The controversy surrounding the scheme was in fact that most of the cars scrapped ended up on a disused airfield as demand for scrapping them couldn’t be met. With £1000 of government money tied up in each car, they’ve been stopped from going anywhere. If the scrappage scheme is reintroduced, it is in our best interests as enthusiasts first to ensure that these cars are rescued and either restored or offered for parts to ensure than the few remaining Rovers remain on the roads for the next 50 years
great article by Cameron Burns and yes this was proposed again at the Labour Conference last month by Shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey . loved the part about 300,000 P6s !! never knew that!