Steering Wheel Removal

Can someone please help me remove the steering wheel base on my 1969 2000 TC? I am trying to get to the turn signal/horn signal. I was able to get the wheel off but not the base that looks like it slots into the indicator. Do I need a puller to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


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Have you got a standard wheel as from what I can see, once the wheel is off ,the screws(4) are revealed to remove the cover to the switches and then the screws (2) that hold them on ?
It sound like the OP has just taken the wheel off its boss. If that's the case, he'll have to put the wheel back on and remove the central nut, then do the pull while rocking technique to free the wheel from the splines (leave the nut on loosely to prevent smacking yourself in the mouth with the wheel).

After that the binnacle cover should just pop off, and then two screws and the electrical connections to free the turn signal switch.

Help, stranded at work with the steering wheel off. Now need to access the black vinyl cover under the steering wheel to get to where it plugs in. I want to pull it downwards but do not want to force. How do I get in there? Thanks


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There are 4 screws in the face of the cover which when removed lifts off over the column, revealing the switches. The connections to the wiring are found by opening the drivers side glovebox. Just by the where the column recess is, there is a fabric retaining strip which can be slid off a metal hook on the box allowing it to be lowered out of the way or totally removed by removing the two screws at the bottom by the hinge.
Thank you so much rover480 for your reply to my SOS! I managed to get in and change the signal switch. No luck though as the turn indicators still do not work. Checked the fuses and everything looked in order. Any suggestions on where to look next? Thanks


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Whilst you have access to the switch, check power is getting to it , light green wire with a brown trace should show 12 v with ignition on, if not check the flasher unit has power, which I believe is unfortunately behind the instruments . Are the screen washer and gauges working as they are on the same supply?
Really appreciate the help! Gonna need a volt meter for sure. The flasher unit is a good suspect, do they go bad? Screen washer long gone but I think gauges all work. I will delve deeper and your advice means alot to me. Thank you!
Just a thought.... check that the hazard switch is pushed fully home as I got caught out with non working indicators. The hazard switch knob was screwed too far on preventing the switch from returning fully.