Sump unit for oil level .

Please can some learned person enlighten me how this unit works. i have just taken it out to clean and re gasket it has had a small leak, thanking you in anticipation. best regards Derrick.Smith.


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Its the same sender unit used in your fuel tank but with a much shorter arm. You should have a push button on the dash which when pressed switches the fuel gauge to read the sender in the sump thus showing the level of the engine oil rather than the fuel tank. Releasing the button returns the gauge to read the fuel contents. For really accurate reading of the oil level the dip stick should be used.
Picture is out of the P4 handbook but the principal is the same


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Thanks roverp480 for your reply, may be i should have explained myself in more precise terms. as i have this unit out as i said, there seems to be a part missing from the bottom where the wire is connected. the (p3 parts book only shows the unit P/NO 09068) from the inside view of the part of the unit and not the outside view. would any one have a photo of the outside view. this would be greatly appreciated thanking you in anticipation best regards Derrick.Smith
Thank you colin for your reply it is good to see that some people know their way around this internet thing, not my strong point. that connector on the bottom is what is missing on mine thanks again best regards Derrick.Smith.