taking off panels


hi were would be the best source of getting information on how the panels and roof come off
getting the car at the weekend thinking in advance :D
Haynes manual, proper workshop manual etc for all but the roof.

I can tell you how to remove the roof when you're ready

As Richard said; proper workshop manual.

Roof is more fun.. screws, screws everywhere..
I've taken a couple off. Clive A put the last one back on for me.. Am guessing it's not the nicest of jobs.
Taken all mine off -and put back on when I did the underseal. Piece of wee.
Put a thick sock over the ends of the bumper so the paint wont get damaged.
One of the easier P6 jobs I reckon.
I take the bumpers off when removing wings. I tried a few times to be careful, and now I take them off :(