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Tappety Tap Tap Tap

Discussion in 'V8 Engine' started by lil nicky, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. SydneyRoverP6B

    SydneyRoverP6B Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hello Junkman,

    It sounds indeed like it just needs to be used. My orignal engine had a smidge over 203,000 miles on it, and it would "tick away", nothing untoward, but with such a high mileage the camshaft and lifters were completely had!!

    Having stood for so long, I assume that you have or will flush the radiator and engine and refill with new coolant and change all the brake fluid too. Hopefully all will be well, but don't be at all surprised if any number of things start leaking or playing up.

  2. Junkman

    Junkman Member

    Hello Ron,

    Not only did I change the brake fluid, I completely overhauled the calipers and replaced all brake pipes and lines as well as the brake pads.
    I changed the transmission fluid and filter, rear axle oil, DeDion tube oil, power steering fluid, checked and repacked the wheel bearings front and rear and the u-joints of the driveshafts and propeller shaft.
    I had a pristine radiator from my previous car and installed it, filled the system with 100% antifreeze for now and experience no temperature problems whatsoever.
  3. ghce

    ghce Well-Known Member

    Junkman your oil pressure discription matchs my car also, high oil pressure at stsrt up 50+ on idle, 30+ hot on driving, and only falling below 30 when on hot idle. Mine has been like this for at least 150K that I know of (and 24 years) I to can get occasional intermittant lifter tick on start up but nothing I ever worry about as it is gone in about 1/2 Kilometer.

  4. Junkman

    Junkman Member

    Ah, well. Tappet noise became a lot better, but now she's smoking blue when hot.
  5. SydneyRoverP6B

    SydneyRoverP6B Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Junkman wrote,...
    Hello Junkman,

    Gee... :( So when idling, is there now blue smoke pulsing from the exhaust? If you switch off and wait till the engine cools, what do the spark plugs look like? Are they oily?

  6. richard walch

    richard walch New Member

    rev the bugger for 5 min when it,s hot already ,3500rpm fixed mine,Richard
  7. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    if it's smoking blue when hot it means the heads need a little work, or piston rings i guess? Time for a compression test?
  8. classicalgreen

    classicalgreen Active Member

    have to agree with Rock demon. blue smoke= oil being burnt in cylinders. so either blow by past rings or valve oil seals. hopefully not both! compression test wet and dry ought to give us a decent idea of state of play.
  9. colnerov

    colnerov Well-Known Member

    Err, this is an 8 year old thread, so I don't think there will be any feedback.;)
  10. ButterFingers

    ButterFingers Active Member

    Errr , how long is a piece of string. Could be the same as a thread? o_O
  11. rockdemon

    rockdemon Administrator Staff Member

    I didn't notice it was a ressurection... Ha :)

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