Taste Of Scotland Rover P6 Tour


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Ranalds Rally P6.jpeg Sheep Crossing.jpeg Rovers Waiting For Ferry.jpeg Say What??.jpeg Rover Tour Group.jpeg Just back from a most excellent tour with the Rover P6 club. Started in Gretna Green and looped thru Scottish Borders and Western Highlands after seven days returning to Edinburgh. Seven Rover P6s with drivers and navigators and my wife and I in a rental led by the intrepid Scottish rallyist Ranald White with his P6 used in the Monte Carlo Rally. Reaffirmed my belief that Rover owners are some of the warmest and friendliest folks. A few pics here....!


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The Portavadie ferry terminal has come on in the last few years. It used to have a sort of bus shelter waiting room, phone kiosk and a time table notice board. Now a luxury marina, there is/was an abandoned workers village built for boom in oil rig building.

Looks like you guys had nice weather for the run.



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Looks like fun, how many days, how many distilleries and how much whisky?
7 days, two castles overnite, several mountains, one ferry and a couple of great museums, arranged tours of Falkirk Wheel, and a tall sailing ship. Other than the nightly 'wee drams' the only whiskey distillery was a lovely tour of the Glenkinchie operation. Scottish Tour Map Book.jpeg Personalized map book of route was great!