Testimonial! I found a good mechanic who knows his P6s, so I'm banging the drum for him.


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I feel it behoves me to sing the praises of the chap who recently fixed up my old banger! He came recommended by one of the wisest stalwarts of this forum, for which I am grateful. He is himself a fellow forum member, known on here by the username @GrimV8. I am very pleased with his service, and can attest that he knows his way around a P6, and how to get one running properly. I'll be using him again as soon as he has the time, because there's a whole lot of creaking and groaning coming from my front suspension, and it is mortifyingly loud in all the wrong ways! Any P6er in Herts needing their car serviced or repaired could do a whole lot worse than look up Brooklands Motorcraft on Stagg Hill.