Thanks for the forum

As an occasional visitor to this forum, and very occasional commenter, I dip in now and again depending on how much time I have to spend on my P6, and how much is wrong with it!

I've been struck by how useful a resource it is, with reliable technical advice stretching back years. I've been looking at some of the P6 Facebook groups recently and have been reminded why I muted them months ago. Impossible to find posts you saw yesterday, petty arguments over prices of cars and parts, unhealthy club rivalry and some people who are unable to type in understandable English.

So thanks to all who contribute to the Classic Rover Forum and make it such a help to novice owners like me.


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I have to stand up for FB a bit here. Yes I do acknowledge Telford's points on FB groups but its not like that all the time and in some groups, at all.

Going back a couple of years when I was on FB I joined a Molesey FB group and it was rocketing along with all kinds of photos, videos and messages, very little problem. I decided to upload my old cine films of 1970s Molesey and did so to the group and in a series of posts so people were replying about those exact videos, on some days I felt so blimmen elevated ,as some kind of history hero :LOL:as the films were going down so well I couldnt believe the cracking conversations coming off of these old cine films. I was happy because I only wanted people in THAT group to be able to see the videos and somehow I managed to sneak them past with some very nice backing music that I wonder would get past YouTube

if you could upload a video to this site ,it would be open to Joe Public, ok most people couldnt care less but FB Groups do offer that little edge to me, you upload something, you make a comment, just those people in that group that you intended to see , can see it