The Rovernet

The Rovernet is another way in which Rover car enthusiasts can connect with each other. It is a mailing list and operates differently than the Classic Rover Forum. With a Forum format, the reader must visit the site to see what's new or to select topics of interest.

The Rovernet works through the email address each subscriber elects to use. A person could use his/her existing email address or open a free one (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.) to read Rovernet messages.

The Rovernet has heavy security against SPAM and malicious email so that limits the user to a certain protocol:
1. Use Plain Text format only (hackers can insert malicious code into code which produces coloured text, bold text, etc.)
2. The server strips attachments from messages for both security and for the convenience of other subscribers. A person can't attach pictures or documents. Ask the group for advice on posting pictures.
3. Only registered users can post or receive messages.

You can get a regular fix through your automatic email delivery or you can select a "Digest" option to receive one message a day - providing at least one message has been posted.
You can receive your Rovernet on mobile phones with an email capability and data service with your provider. The message size is controlled by the server.
You might receive email on a variety of Rover cars than just a P6.
We include professional parts suppliers, mechanics, and very experienced enthusiasts in the group.
You can connect with Rover knowledgeable people on the Rovernet who are not users of the Classic Forum.
Join both the Classic Forum and the Rovernet and ask your questions of a larger audience.

You can learn more and join the list from the website:

If you go on holiday, you can visit your settings page and select "Nomail" for the duration.

If you need further help, you connect with the List Administrator, me, at this address: