Timing Questions 1971 3500


Hi There,

I'm new to the Rover World. I've just bought a nice 3500 P6 and would like to check the timing/points. Can anyone tell me please -
a) Where is a 12v connection under the bonnet for me to clip my timing light to?
b) How does one crank the engine from under the bonnet (so I can get the cam lobe on open in the distributor for points gap checking)

Very much obliged for any assistance you can render.

i normally use a spare battery to power timing light. but you might be able to get on the back of the alternator main power cable.
on manual car i tend to rock it in gear to turn the dizzy, auto i usually do it by turning the fan blades, you might need push on the alternator belt at the same time to make it grip the pulleys