TNX727G - Very nice 2000TC on wire wheels.


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Good spot and pic. The car does indeed look very nice :D
Are the side mounted wing mirrors unusual? Can't think if I have seen them mounted on the side like that on a P6 before? Was it a factory option? I suspect it is a practical place to mount them as it maybe gives a better view behind the car than the more usual "top-mounted" wing mirrors. Looks like the gent has also got some kind of clip-on rear view mirror. IIIRC these were all the rage in the 70's as it they gave you an extra wide panaromic rear view.
It is a nice car - we met the owners at the 2011 RP4DG National.

Those mirrors would have been fitted later. Probably not dealer either, they're quite unusual. Rover didn't put mirrors on P6's (apart from the ones they owned) until October 1973.


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Yes that does look great :D ...the wing mirrors look like any wing mirror of the time just mounted differently very unique looks rather insecty :)


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Mmm, no offence to the owner. Cracking car, except for the wrong choice of mirror arms :eek:

They are for flat topped wings and have been fitted lower just to make them usable :|