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Hi all,

Been looking at getting a classic for a while and have always admired the P6 3500 and wanted a brown BL car.
Two came up at auction house, one was mint and one was rough looking but used daily.
So without viewing either (or any P6) i threw in a bid for the rough one, and was shocked when it had won!

So the next day meant a 6am train down to Poole from Hinckley to pick it up and drive it home, and it made it easily! A few dodgy moments with oil pressure lights and dodgy pressure gauge, as well as a big hesitation on load but the car felt great crusing.

Got it 200 miles home, tried to take some family out after and it floods the engine and refuses to start. gave it two hours and it was fine, if a little rough!

Today i realised one of the dash pots on the carbs was loose, like someone had unscrewed it to check it and didnt replace it, screwed it back and took it for a drive, no more hesitation!

Now the car drives lovely, but looks rough, all the panels are different shades, lots of missing paint and sun damage, leather inside all worn, but thats what drew me to the car.

So plan is to get it running well, sort out any safety/structural rust and enjoy it! Its been nearly 10 years to the day that i bought my other real classic for my first car (1970 Minor) so it feels great to have a classic again, I'm sure there will be plenty of questions on here from myself coming up, but the first jobs are to service it, get rid of the condenser and fix the massive exhaust leak!

Mick Rae

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As a fellow brown P6 owner - your new car looks great! I did much the same last year, drove a long way home, got to find a load of foibles in the first day. I have decided to polish the paint there is, and clean the leather as best I can, and try to get everything running just right - I'm not there yet though!


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Hello C-C - That doesn't look too rough and great project for you.
You will find some dash pot plastic screws tend to unwind on start up and give a lumpy idle - check the oil level and then a little "locktight".
Enjoy your P6 including the highs and lows and the learning curves.
We are here to assist and celebrate your journey.


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It looks a lovely survivor C-C. Maybe try some cutting polish (T-Cut) to see if the panels look closer in colour first.


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Looks a lovely P6, and actually you can often have much more fun with a reliable but rough-looking car, than any of the mint ones - you won’t be afraid to use it! Enjoy :D
Thanks all, loving driving it at the moment!

Got a snagging list, of sorts:
  • Radiator leaks after you turn the car off
  • The heater doesn't really get hot
  • Hesitation under load occasionally
  • Car tries to die pulling to a stop unless the choke is a out 1cm
  • Oil switch seems to light up randomly
  • Metallic creak when turning hard right (de dion needs greasing?)
  • Stereo and speakers not connected

Plenty more will come up when I get it up on the ramp next Friday, I'm sure!


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If the coolant leak comes from the overflow it could be the rad cap, which could also cause the heater to be poor.

Stalling coming to rest is normally a weak mixture.