v8 into a 2200 shell or not?


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First off wasnt quite sure where to post this question

Off tomorrow to look at a 1974 2200tc rolling shell (i say shell, only engine and box missing)
Been led to believe it has little or no rot but was wondering if its viable to fit a v8 or am i better off sourcing a 4 cylinder as per original.

Also with the later 3.9 v8s is it possible to run on carb ?

Sorry for the silly questions in advance but sure i will be asking many more in the near future :D


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Anything is possible, and that conversion has been done, but it's far more involved than you might think, so I'd say fit the 4 pot.

3.9 engines can be run on carbs without problems.


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It is possible to fit a V8 into a 2000/2200 shell,but you will need to make some modifications!
A well set up 2200TC is a fair match in performance and economy for a V8 without the grunt!