VIP not advertised as such

I have always hankered after a VIP but I know I will never have one!

Am I right in thinking the survival rate of these is low due to the paint application not being so good...?! I remember reading somewhere that the paint did not adhere properly and would lead to rust breaking out!

It's a shame this model was not made in slightly large numbers (1000 perhaps?!) as it would have been a great way to offer the public an 'ultimate' P6...

Oh well, never mind...!!!
I think all the late cars suffered with bad paint, sometimes peeling off when relatively new!.

My car needed new paint, should be ok now it's had a bare metal respray.


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The late cars were painted on the SD1 line, and the paint process wasn't up to standard (by a long way) and they broke out in rust spots all over. We were doing complete resprays on SD1s at less than a year old......

P6s weren't so bad as individual panels could be done, and off the car.

I know the Service Manager had a Platinum VIP, (which I did head gaskets on), but ISTR that went and he got one in Brasilia, but I may have dreamt that......


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grifterkid said:
It's a shame this model was not made in slightly large numbers (1000 perhaps?!) as it would have been a great way to offer the public an 'ultimate' P6...

Oh well, never mind...!!!
To my mind the NADA's are probably more of the "Ultimate" as they were much more optioned with luxury items, not having a manual box excepted.



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:cry: Yeah all those extra bits probably add a few hundred pounds of weight, the aircon compressor alone weighs more than most small Asian cars. :LOL:
The fact that it's back on ebay should give you a clue & no, I haven't seen it, but I've heard enough to know. Have a look & satisfy yourself as to how much you're willing to pay.
Thanks Roly, fair point - unfortunately I live too far away from it to make a viewing practical, the auction is nearly over and I feel the price peaked very early and remained there since - so I'm in a bit of a quandry!?!


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If you want to buy the car blind you will have 2 options.

The car is out of mot and been off the road so will need some money spent to get it road ready, this could cover general servicing , new tyres and brakes. That could add up to at least £600 depending on if you are doing the work or getting someone else. This could give you a road going car.

The other options is a full on restoration/refurb. This is going to be the same as with anyother P6 and tallies up.

So really depends whether you want a really nice p6 or a VIP. If you want a VIP there isnt much choice but a nice p6 can be found.

I had thought about this myself but other than the appeal of having a rear model it is just a P6.

I wouldnt be surprised if a dealer buys it and we see it advertised for £15,000 after some work.

Rare car though so if you do want one will you find another?



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I hazzard a guess,, :wink:
But it will only sell via E-bay when he attracts a genuine bidder,and gets the price he is after.
He would be better off putting it in for an MOT for £35ish and if it passes,great,and if not,
then list what needs doing so any potential buyer will have an idea what they are taking on.
Thanks Colin, I am particularly interested as it is a VIP due to its rarity. I've had various P6s over the years, my favourite being a 2200TC that I owned when it was about 4 years old - wish I'd never sold it (PBL789R - does anyone know if it still exists?). Coming back to this one I plan to do all the mechanical work myself as it used to be my trade, including the automatic gearboxes and a/c. I'm not a brilliant welder though I get by, however bodywork and paint, although I have done it in the past I prefer to leave to more experienced people. This probably means that if I buy it I will probably MOT it first, use it for a short while and think about a moderate restoration. I'm not looking for a show car or concourse as I want a car I would be able to use when I want.
Hi Pilkie, reading the listing I don't think he's had the car running and that's why he can't MOT it. I would prefer he doesn't try as these V8 oil pumps often need priming if left standing for a long time and unless he knows how to do it he could end up destroying the engine.


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Registration number: PBL 789R
✗ Untaxed

Tax due: 16 May 1990
MOT No details held by DVLA

Vehicle make
Date of first registration 08 February 1977
Year of manufacture 1977
Cylinder capacity (cc) 2204cc
CO₂Emissions Not available
Fuel type PETROL
Vehicle status Not taxed
Vehicle colour WHITE
Vehicle type approval Not available
Revenue weight Not available
Yes but does anyone know of its whereabouts now? Is it sitting languishing in a barn or field somewhere? I guess it will be too far gone to even think about doing anything with it.