Washington DC - 4th of July

Here's my 1969 Rover TC 2000 in Washington, DC on July 4th, 2016. You blokes and ladies will note our official license tag motto, which I highlighted --> "Taxation w/out Representation" <-- which led to a we muck up over here with your majordomo old King Georgie back in 1776. But all is forgotten now and we hold no grudge and we kind of miss u here with your funny accents and ranting and ravings about your football and whatnot.

I won the Rover pictured here in a bet. The loser got my Maserati and county place, so you know he's crying now. When it runs it runs great, but there is always one thing or another to take care of. Last month the little plastic ring at the base of the gear shift level just broke into tiny pieces and I was holding the shifter like you know what. Now I think that there's gunk in the fuel line or tank itself. That's why I joined this website. For somebody to tell me it's not true :) That whatever it is is going to get better by itself.

There are a few Rovers left on the road here. A lot suffered from body rust, with all the road salt. My car has a nifty "ice alert" devise. An early Tesla you could say. A red button lights up when there's ice on the road.

It gets very hot and humid here, and the Rover get's hot inside, so I don't ride it much in the summers. It the winter I don't run it if there's snow, and with down time for repairs, I get about two nice days a year where the weather is ideal and the car doesn't act up.

I do have AAA which will pick me up and give a tow, but then I have to explain to the missus, and the whole discussion about whether the car is really worth it as explained in her logic. Sometimes the car just makes it home barely, limping home, but makes it nonetheless. Other times on the road repairs leave you greasy. Once I was on my way to a fancy party in a tux with my date in her fancy gown and the car kept stalling out at every stop. I had her get behind the wheel and pump the accelerator as a tried to adjust the idle speed with a screwdriver.

So I'll try to keep it going as long as possible. Stay tuned.



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Have you tried a few anti-biotics directly into the fuel tank, followed by wrapping your Recalcitrant Rover in a good warm woolen blanket? and if that doesn't do the trick perhaps it is just malingering and just need a good thrashing with a tree branch or similar that comes to hand when you can stand it no longer.
Your car looks wonderful, the Sundym glass and that colour saturated yellow is a stunning picture of suave and sophistication that the Maserati could never match.

Your missus should get behind the wheel more often, in days past mine used to have exclusive use of our Rover V8, its not just blokes that crave the V8 roar though in your case such a stunning looking car can be forgiven for being a 2000TC.

I have tried to write this in good English so that you can properly read it however I know you chaps have problems with loosing letters in the good Queen's written English.

Thanks for that photo, a few more would be even better.

Cheers Graeme