What colour is this

Is this a rover colour?
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I'm not sure if it's a rover colour but this looks nice, any one have an idea what this colour is called?

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There is a thread running on the P5 forum, seeking views on the colour of the P5B coupe (it isn't an original P5 colour). It has been suggested (by me) that it might be Copperleaf Red, others have suggested Brigade or Venetian Red, all P6 colours. To me (and accepting different screens might show colour variations) it is a darker shade of red than Brigade or Venetian, but what do you knowledeable folk on here think??
Definitely not Copperleaf - far too lively a colour. And not red enough for the other P6 colours. Is there a Land Rover colour similar? The car is in Australia though, so well out of Solihull's imfluence!



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Its a kind of familiar flavour of colour, looks similar to a p5b I have seen before in NZ.

And if it isnt a factory colour cant understand why not, it looks the bee's knees!

Thanks for the updates gents; I've dug out some (very) old photos (at least they are colour, though) of my old Copperleaf 2000 and I agree that it definitely isn't that. I must admit to not having given the Australian connection much thought. Still, as always, good to be able to get an informed opinion on this forum.
I'll update the original thread.


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I've added to the thread after digging out my old chips :) Only looking at Rover and Triumph stuff there are a few possibilities. Pretty hard to match using chips though, especially via the monitor :LOL: