What other cars had boot mounted spares

There are quite a few posts on here about the boot mounted spare wheels. Now, I know that Series Land Rovers had bonnet mounted spares, but did any other cars have boot mounted spare wheels? I'm not thinking about the older 30s & 40s cars that might have had them fitted into the vertical bootlids, but cars that were around in the P6's era, ie the 3-box style of cars.
Was it a Rover peculiarity (perhaps speciality is a better word?), spawned from Land Rover practice and a practical solution to the issue of the P6's small boot? After all, they (Rover) had redesigned the P4 a few years after its introduction to provide a bigger boot, and no doubt that issue was still in the deigners' memories at the time.

Or were there others as well (excluding those who put a wheel on a bootrack, ie some Triumph Spitfires etc.).


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The Thunderbird had them bumper mounted but with a hard cover but got in the way for loading IIRC
Funny how the P2/3s had almost got there as you could see where it was concealed in the bootlid like Lincolns styling later on, then it vanished on the P4/5s under the floor only to make a comeback atop the P6 lid.
It's like they took the Tbird idea and tweaked it a little :|
Morgan had them external, then put the rack over them, but that gets away from your normal car shape again and is simply old school I guess :)
There must be somebody else that did it :?


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Hmmm the visual images this post engendours in my mind, imagine if you will a bonnet mounted spare on a Mini........can any one think of a worse combination?

V8P6B said:
You could get a "sportsman" kit for a ford Anglia 105E, like This, but Its not really a boot mount, more of a bumper mount.
I'd forgotten about that. I recall seeing one a long time ago, but have not seen adverts for it before. I suppose it' s the same principle, but more in the American style, as mentioned earlier. Wheels on 4x4 rear doors definitely don't count!
So far then, nobody can think of another saloon car that had the wheel mounted on the top of the actual bootlid; I couldn't think of any, hence the post.