Which headrests have i got?

I just watched a video with a 1970 P6 V8 and then a 1974 V8 and they both had these headrests on the front seats


But mine is a 1973 and has these


Also, while i'm at it, how do i adjust the height? i can get the headrest to go back and forth but can't quite figure out the up and down :s
JIm, yours are commonly known as "ET" headrests, I think the others are called Teardrop. Not sure how to adjust ET's, I've got the others too. I'm sure your answer will be along quite soon.


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The top ones are tear drops and the yours are ETs, not sure what they were called before the film came out though?

My ETs just move up and down by pulling them, but I do have to use quite a bit of force.
I can't believe i didn't make the connection. All around the internet they are called ETs and i thought it meant something technical

But i also thought to myself 'they look like ET's head' lol