Will any P6 owners attend the Bromley Pageant of motoring sunday 17th of june?

I plan to go, unfortunately without any of my Rovers. It was a very good show last time I was there 3 years ago. It has an excellent one-make parking system that gives the public good chance to see a good variation in cars.
regards, Barten
I went and I too did not take my rover.I go every year. no doubt will do in 2019 too. normally with my brother who has no classic car ( no plans until he retires in years to come) we only go on a Sunday early morning to avoid traffic as it gets really bad and trying to see /visit becomes a chore and not a joy. have been to rover cars sections though found trying to actually have a chat wasn't easy. Ford zephyr ones far more easy to chat with as see you wandering around a car will wander rover and see if your just having a 30 sec look or actually interested.
though we don't like to stay chatting too long ( how long is too long?) we do ask questions about etc car and owners . soon and real enthusiasts shine :) might. take Rover to whitewebbs museum joint rovers clubs meet assuming they do one in 2019? only went once I think it was feb? freezing cold . one old rover blew a welch plug so had to be 'taxied' home later I found out. there I found many owners knew each other but were quite happy chatting to strangers and showing car off or asking questions.
so far have not taken Rover too far away from its home base as until recently was always playing up.. overheating in traffic. cutting out at lights etc and at moment still suffers low power after a stop and pulling away ( not at light just when engine was turned doff for more than 2 mins) which I think is fuel vapour /ethanol issue.
anyway enough. now .have a nice day.