Window rubbers


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Hello oldbloke
slide out the door top waist veneer and undo the six screws . Unscrew the lockdown button and lift the plastic trim up and off the door top .
wind the glass down and you will see the heavy phillips screws that hold the rubber squegee in place along the top inside the door.
When refitting the new rubber I used a little vaseline along the length of the part that slots between the skin and metal to ease its insertion .
If Ive missed anything Im sure you will be enlightened by others.
I also placed a bit of mastic on the end of the screwdriver to hold the screw in place while trying to line up the screw and holes .If you drop the phillips screw you will have to remove the door card to retrieve the bloody thing .
Have fun .
I love being able to fix things like this . I hate it when I find a screw left over .


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It will also depend on the type of seals you have bought as replacements?
Are they floppy,fairly stiff,or real originals?
Sometimes you will need to loosen the glass/winder frame fixings to allow that to move enough to slide the new ones in,which means removing the handles and door cards.
If they are the naff floppy as a bit of string ones,then you will have to either bond a length of metal "s/s" to stiffen them and cut fixing holes using the originals as patterns or chuck them in the bin.
I found door window rubbers pretty easy to replace except that the ones I bought were not as good as the originals, didn't have the metal strip in them. Pity but sometimes you have to make do.....
Well if I can do it, anyone can! I got mine from Geoff at Winns international. My advice, have a really sharp knife and take-your-time. Also I would echo what others have said about some added stiffeners along the strip in the sandwich so to speak. It really makes huge difference. Good luck.