Wire wheels

Phil Robson

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I have two sets of 5 x 14" genuine P6 wire wheels for the 2000 cars & I'm going to dispose of one set.

Before I list them on a well-known online auction site ;) I'm offering them free to anyone on here who will arrange their own collection. I can box them up as individual items for a courier, but I would want some recompense for the hassle of this (perhaps around £50). You would then need to pay the courier for 5 items.

To be clear; they do not come with the splined hubs that you will need to fit them. Also, they are not designed for V8 cars.


Please PM me if you are interested. I am in East Yorkshire. I am happy to forward detailed pictures to anyone who is seriously interested.

Thank you.


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Still don't know why they weren't recommended for the V8
I had some on my Daimler V8 250 -looked amazeballs


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I'd tend to agree, and wires could definitely be made strong enough if they weren't already, after all, V12 E-types had wires as an option.
Yep, and they look to be 72 spoke wheels with 2x crosses which should’ve be up to the job.
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