wont start in park?

Today I experienced a transient moment , parked the car in the shed ,turned off the ignition , but discovered that I was too far to one side, so turned the starter key and nothing.
Tried several times and nothing.
Opened the boot and cleaned the battery posts, tried again and nothing.
A moment of brilliance over came my impending gloom and doom, try neutral............
Volar-aa, it started, turned it off , moved to park , and turned the key, and guess what, it started.
It has never done this before.
What is wrong with the old girl?


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Dirty contact on the gear inhibiter or the lever is getting stiff and not making full travel. Is it still moving easily between positions, or is anything restricting movement into park and not allowing full travel.
it still moves easily between positions, so is it a case of moving the inhibitor switch just a very small movement to make it respond to the park position?
hi there,
my manual only covers the BW35 so reasoned that some adjustment was possible at the selector cable.
measured the existing very carefully and adjusted to +1 mill more in length, now starts in park and then checked that it did not start in any other position , other than park and neutral.
Job done, thank you harveyp6 for the tip.. and others for advice ..