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Hi , I have recently purchased a 1976 /7 p6 fitted with a tow bar , is it some thing you still require ?
When I joined the forum I forgot about Windsor in the U.K. . I am in Windsor Downs NSW Australia.
hi mate I have a stag too put your question on soc forum im sure youll get a answer pronto
rich777 Being new to the forum and being a computer novice I find it difficult navigating the forum. What is soc forum and how do I find it ?
I have recently purchased a Triumph Stag fitted with a Rover V8 . It appears to be a 1972 or later by engine numbers, perhaps someone there can enlighten me? The engine no, is 42517258C.
I have a situation that mistifies me that someone might pass a comment on. I can run the car in the garage for half an hour and there will be one or 2 drops of oil from rear main. After a run of about 10km it leaves a puddle of oil.
Hi chris we haven't spoke before I just bought a p6 3500 not got it home yet
I put up on here for someone to look things over when I get the car maybe do some work on it step by step kind of thing .can you recommend anyone as I'm moving to kempston next week
Much appreciated
Hi Mr P
I see you talking seats at the mo. Would you have any flat pleat rears in black available, or partial sets ?

My NSR back cushion is torn on the top vinyl border and I would like to find a replacement.

Ta Mark
sorry only just seen this, only got box pleat and black ambla at momant
Thanks. This was supposed to be a PM, dunno how it got here, well I do - my amazing computer skills !
did you get what you needed? any progress on the 3500?
Just picked up your post, the old saying, one step forward two steps back, starter solenoid of AGAIN, but have found it is better to leave the inner part in situ, trying to refit a complete solenoid! What a job.
There is a hole under the solenoid, I tapped this at a 1/4"whit, and before pulling of the outer I screwed a long screw in this hole (not tight) to hold the lever in position.
returning member, to old to mention, I live in Thurrock Essex England, working on a sad P6 3500, (this needs a wheel stud and nut, to any friendly breaker)
My first venture into Classic cars, 1958 at 18, gave that away for free. not so easy climbing under cars nowadays, any member in reach, with a welder can earn a cup of coffee
morning Rich. With the recent chat about seat belt testing would it be an idea to put a link to the testers manual somewhere as a sticky so everyone can look at the requirments , it would be up to date with current testing. anyway just a thought. keep up the good work you do. regards Nick
Yay Coach! Flasher units in and all working! I could not have done it without you having my back and talking me through. I will be forever grateful to you Demitris. Thank you, Sir!
Hi David , just checking , are you sorted with the 3500 you were looking for some time ago .
I have a 1972 P6 3500 that may be coming up for sale within the next few weeks.. quite a nice looker (arn't they all ) in a superb blue .
Stainless steel exhaust .. and the Webasco roof. less than 70.000 miles … based in the Midlands .
Pat Pearce
Hi Derek,
I think that choke cable will be ok if its still for sale please?