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Peter: I've posted some remarks to Harvey about the continuing problem that I am having with my current draw. I thought I had tagged you for the conversation, but, I may not have. Thanks,
Can I ask what colour code your car is please? Having trouble identifying the various reds.
Sorry would,nt let me write anymore, i have taken some pics i will try to send them to you, do you know how much travel i should have on the cable, it only lifts up about 3/4 inch, John
Hello again Harvey hope you are well.i.m back out in the garage again, working on pop, i have set the kickdown crimp with the sump off to get it right, the cam is at rest as it should be with just a little slack at linkage as you explained ast time we spoke,I only have about 3/4 inch of travel at full throttle linkage ,it is a holley 4 barrel carb at full throttle the cam hardly moves ,
Exhaust manifold needed 2.2 or 2.0 anyone got one forsale ?
Might want to say wether it’s for a TC or SC as they’re different. Also, try posting in the wanted section, you’ll get more views there.
hi there, I've got an older 2000TC in New York, was originally Arden Green but had been painted Cameron Green sometime in its life -- I am in the beginning of a complete re-paint from the top down (also restoring the original webasto sunroof) and in search of a good source for an Arden Green Automotive paint - what was your source for paint in the US for your car? it looks great!
Here ya go, pretty close with a metallic look that makes it pop! See next post, can’t post a pic on this comment...!
Bought my 1971 Mexico Brown P6 2000 SC two months ago, now got it running perfectly. Electronic ignition replaced by points +condenser problem solved. Driving last night the strip speedo began bouncing backwards and forwards and then made a screeching sound +stopped working. Driving now with a grinding noise behind the speedo. Angle drive to speedo gone?
Mike J
This happened to me some time ago and I found the connection to the drive behind the glovebox had worked loose - tightened it up with fingers and problem solved.
hello, to all, have just become the proud owner of a supposed 2200tc 1974 irish import. . seems it a 2000tc from the engine no.but i dont care what it is as i have always wanted one of these since 1970 when my bosses father had a beaut in red that glided round Hornsea east yorkshire .i will keep you informed of progress when i can.
Post some pics in the new members section, we’d all love to see it!
Hi , I have recently purchased a 1976 /7 p6 fitted with a tow bar , is it some thing you still require ?
When I joined the forum I forgot about Windsor in the U.K. . I am in Windsor Downs NSW Australia.