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I Have just completely rebuilt my front suspension new springs top and bottom ball joints. Quite a difficult job but where there's a will there's a way. On my Rover P6 2000 SC 1970.
I have parts for Rover P6, these are original parts; 2 x Boot Badges 3500, one in excellent condition the has a mark on the front; Indicator Stalks 54320842, Horn, High Beam & Dip Stalk 39614A. A large number of interior door handles amongst other stuff. If you are interested in any of these parts get intouch via the forum or
Lost a res. full of brake fluid in a coulpe of days of non-use, seems to come from front left & rear, does this sound like a major job, or some seals rotted, unable to inspect. Topped up & pumped a bit & o.k. to get me to get more brake fluid. I live in hemel hempstead if anyone know of a competent garage nearby. thanks
Lovel, By any chance do you recall the colour of the speedo driving gear (fits on the output shaft) in your LT77 please? and the colour of the smaller gear in the output fitting?
Talking about enjoying the exercise of bushing the rockers .well I am going over them there rockers filing them dags off ( called flash)that are left behind.ever looked how Rover finished them rocker covers and the older aluminium castings
Hi did you buy this one this year from down Salisbury way ??
There is surface rust on the steering arms, but a wire brush will sort that out. The paint job on the rear wing and rear O/S door isnt too bad but a fine polishing paste and a buffer will sort that out too. Overall I'm happy with it and even on a fairly cold morning with full choke it started first time. The steering is a bit heavy though, any ideas?
One more thing, about 3 or 4 weeks ago I was coming back from Bridgewater and a red p6 was turning right. The dates a bit vague, but was it you by any chance?
It's my first p6, but not my first classic. Late 90s I had a ford consul, after that hillman super minx, ford anglia 105E super, mk1 Cortina then the last one I had was another 365 consul hi line. In between that I had a suzuki gt500 twin.
Hello jp28 - I understand you have fitted SD1 alloy wheels. Please can you confirm if the P6 front hub dust caps can be used. I understood the SD1 rubber dust cap is required given the diameter of the hole at the centre. Previously, when fitting SD1 wheel trims, I had to trim down the height of P6 dust caps to permit fitting.
Much appreciated,

Hey.. were you still after a speedo cable, or did I read that wrong?
I was, but I've sourced a NOS one now. Haven't test fitted it yet, but it should be the right type
good morning Rovers ... rubbers received from Wearings in UK ... can anybody throw some light on removal of window winders & door handles
I wud like to replace the internal door vinyl on my P4 1961 thanks .. any sites they may help thank you
Wasn’t sure my name is john whitson
My address is
97 Espieside crescent Coatbridge north Lanarkshire ml5 2HF
Nice new clutch fitted, not easy in a single garage.....
OSF road spring replaced and suspension overhauled. (not easy) :-)
All ready now for this seasons shows and days out.
the old girl had her annual birthday test and boats a new MOT! hurrah. performed well until I picked dit up after test..started and ran O for 1 min then well down on power .no acceleration .choke made little difference. getting slowly up to speed got a couple of backfires via exhaust and bit of black smoke. after 4-5 mins driving it suddenly found its 'legs' and started driving normally.sheesh .
Hello all. I think I must have a stuck clutch. The clutch was new last April, but has been standing over winter, and now won't go into gear. I tried jumping it with foot on pedal and brake then starting in gear. But nothing still stuck. Tried warming the engine up and depressing pedal with a length of wood and leaving for a while, still nothing.. Does anyone have any other ideas please..
Hiya all. Would anyone happen to have to have a spare door mirror spring for sale, as my Drivers side mirror has gone floppy.. 75 P6
Steve - did you see my post today (21.1) on the front brake flexi hose fitting - are you able to comment on this. I have begged, stole and borrowed time this weekend to fix this but as usual the little details cause the most time - much appreciated, Simon
Hey Simon,left a comment on there. I hope that helps you.