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Yay Coach! Flasher units in and all working! I could not have done it without you having my back and talking me through. I will be forever grateful to you Demitris. Thank you, Sir!
Glad to know that you have finally located it. I would be tempted to test the unit first, but since they are very cheap anyway, it doesn't harm too much order a new one. It doesn't have to be a genuine part, your local motor spares shop could probably sell you something suitable. The A post is the post that the front door is attached to.
Hi Demetris, just wanted to update you on my progress. I found the other flasher unit where you described. I will try to order off ebay. Thanks again!
OK, you have found the big obvious one, with a multiplug on it. The one for the turn signals it is a little further in, i mean towards the engine, but it is significantly smaller. I have just looked in my car and i understand that it is not very visible. It has its back (i.e. opposite to the spade connectors side) resting on the A post, while 2 wires should be connected to it.
Ok, will go deeper. Thanks for hanging in there with me Demetris! Can you tell what the A post is? As you can tell, a real rookie here! BTW, car is for sale under new posts with a link to photos on Facebook. Will keep you posted and really appreciate the help.
Hi Demitris, the flasher unit was right were you said it would be! I unpluggged it and of course the emergency flasher became inoperable. I realized I meant the turn signal flasher unit. Are they one and the same or is it true there is a second one behind the instrument panel? Geez, two flasher units, what next?! I have one on order but fear it won't help my turn signals not working.
Thanks for your kind advice.
So very kind of you Demetris! I hate being seen as impolite not using my blinkers so this is great news. I will give it a try.
Hi Demetris, You kindly helped me with non-working flashers a while back. You said the flasher unit was under the glove box by the A pillar. Is it possible to reach this without removing the instrument panel? I fear going in that deep as my skills are limited. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
Hi Jeff, you don't have to worry, there is no need to dismantle anything to reach flasher unit. You just unhook the strap that holds the glovebox open, to let it fall a little more, and you will be able to see and reach the flasher unit, wedged on a rectangular receptor on the A pillar. It is on driver's side on mine, but if you don't find it there, it is worth checking on the other side too.
Hi David , just checking , are you sorted with the 3500 you were looking for some time ago .
I have a 1972 P6 3500 that may be coming up for sale within the next few weeks.. quite a nice looker (arn't they all ) in a superb blue .
Stainless steel exhaust .. and the Webasco roof. less than 70.000 miles … based in the Midlands .
Pat Pearce
Hi Derek,
I think that choke cable will be ok if its still for sale please?
Hey John, I was wondering how you got on with the HIF6 conversions the other day. Where you able to make up the see saw?
yep---genau....und aktuell wieder zu verkaufen...ich fahre einfach zu wenig damit.....und zum rumstehen ist er zu schade......
Hi Lewis. I'd be interested in seeing what spare you have with this car. I really don't have room for another car, I have 3 already. I live about half an hour south of Edinburgh but work just outside Penicuik. Could I arrange a time to have a look at what you have? Cheers Dave