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  1. Scoob

    Pic of new car

    Update car is on axel stands brakes stripped down (not that bad of a job to be honest ) caliper sizezed managed to get it moving but not going bk ,going put new ones on need flexi brakes doing and new dics ,will update later
  2. Scoob

    Car transport

    Hi need some help anyone got or know some reliable who can fetch me a rover p6 frome St Helens deliver to stoke keep being let down ,it moves starts for loading ect no rear brakes or handbrake cheers scoob
  3. Scoob

    Rear brakes p6 2.2

    Hi just wondered if anyone has used the special rewind tool for the rear brakes ? Is it any good if so can you still buy one many thanks scoob
  4. Scoob

    New member

    Hi all just bought my first p6 lots to do but will get there looking forward to getting her on the road ect ,cars coming nx Sunday all being well, picking up on a truck ect so will tk some pics may need advice ect