Rover Car Club Of Australia

The club was formed in 1964 by a small band of Rover enthusiasts. P3s and P4s were of course the most popular models in the early years, soon to be joined by P5s and P6s etc. Membership is currently well over 200. The most popular model in our vehicle register used to be the P6 and P6B, but recently the SD1 and SEII series has taken over. We also have later models, such as the 800 series right through to the last Rover sold in Australia prior to the collapse of MG Rover, the facelift series 2 Rover 75. By having a numerically strong Club, we are assured of a ready supply of spares, especially for the older models, now and into the future. The Club is, and has always been, run by enthusiastic amateurs in the true sense of the word and no member receives any remuneration for their efforts. Through the tireless efforts of members hard or impossible to obtain parts have been manufactured, especially those which would not be a commercial proposition. Liaison is maintained with other Rover car clubs both in Australia and overseas and professional re-manufacturers to ensure otherwise unobtainable items are considered. [url=][/url]