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  • quattro
    No engine bits back yet, so I thought I would swap the N/S Front suspension leg. I noticed a good while ago that there were score marks...
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  • DAK
    DAK replied to the thread 1968 2000 TC Restoration Project.
    The Base unit and the body panels were brought back together in the paint shop. We stripped the paint from the outer panels using a...
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  • DAK
    DAK replied to the thread 1968 2000 TC Restoration Project.
    I was thinking that the dent was probably made to create some extra work space but I can't see how it would have helped much. Although I...
  • colnerov
    Hi, From what I can ascertain there are two types of system on the P4 one is a linkage the other is cable operation. If it's the cable...
  • The Rovering Member
    Fashion is the antithesis of style, Demetris. ;)
  • G
    Graeme replied to the thread Rear centre lapbelt.
    Hello, Thanks for that its just better to fit them in rear for safety of all. Cheers
  • Demetris
    Demetris replied to the thread Bought myself a present!.
    I must admit i admire them more and more, but in contrast to you i am not a big fan of the series 1 dashboard. When they replaced it in...
  • Demetris
    The dent that you mention was probably due to a previous attempt to remove the gearbox from underneath, from someone that did not had...
  • Andrewg10rover
    Thank you all. I guessed it was a complicated little piece of electrikery. It’s a pain on a drizzly day to keep switching the wipers on...
  • DAK
    DAK replied to the thread 1968 2000 TC Restoration Project.
    Seeing the car with all of the panels removed is a bit frightening. It was good to see it all come back together again. The welding and...
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  • DAK
    DAK replied to the thread 1968 2000 TC Restoration Project.
    Next up were the sills. I purchased Base Unit Side & Bottom repair panels, Inner Sills and Door Treads (front and rear) from JRW. You...
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  • DAK
    DAK replied to the thread 1968 2000 TC Restoration Project.
    Thanks for the positive comments Phil. Next up is the floor panels. The drivers side was very badly corroded and we decided to replace...
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  • J
    I am in awe of your commitment to save your car. That's a very deep reconstruction, and it's fascinating to see what lies beyond the...
  • R
    Hi, thank you very much for your offer. I went through the old documents, but I could not find anything about the Swedish registration...
  • The Rovering Member
    My Morris Oxford needs a starter motor & l'm considering one of these modern units but am baulking at the price in most cases. I've...