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    Edelbrock performer inlet manifold

    Have one on my car, the only extra un-drilled holes that I can think of were the holes that allowed for the water temperature sender ( or it may have been the choke light). Graeme
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    Pimp my P6

    I havent seen that Molita style before on a P6, nice! If it was in Gerald's car he would have the metal work gold plated to go with the yellow white walls and Almond. Graeme
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    Pimp my P6

    I think we need a thread like this to admire or scorn the creativity of the diverse community of P6 owners. We could probably do a similar thread on P5's and P4's.... whats that did I hear a pin drop? though I have got to admit I have seen the odd P5 or 2 with some far out work done unto them...
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    Trim revival

    Or maybe you mean go for it ! :p Graeme
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    Trim revival

    Looking very Jaguar'esk there Gerald. More Burr Walnut is always better! Graeme
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    New toy

    Yes crap tools at extravagant prices but unfortunately there is now a generation of mechanics out there that have been brain washed as to their quality due to that van that just turns up like clock work to milk the suckers who know no better. Graeme
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    Rover Jet 1 R – interesting article about a working turbine powered replica

    You could imagine the Rover sales pitch (pun intended ) "Every car comes with 4 sets of stage 4 ear protectors" or if it was 2020 release "active noise cancellation in car" ( and ear protectors too ). Really can't understand why this particular Rover never went into production it had so many...
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    New toy

    Lucky ya didn't race, you coulda' or wooda' ended up in a sticky situation! Graeme
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    Rover Jet 1 R – interesting article about a working turbine powered replica

    Perhaps a new project for you Chris :) Graeme
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    Isolation viewing 1

    I have seen this before on some engines I had rebuilt one that springs to mind was an FB Victor I did back in the 80's Graeme
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    And now for something completely different

    When you finish it will be a bit like the old broom 6 new heads and 4 new handles :D Graeme
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    Upper Boot Lining

    And some wire wheels peeking out from the corner, they look good on a P6 also. Graeme
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    Call Me Mellow Yellow

    Period car, period location luvely photo guvna
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    Excellent anecdote from a former Rover apprentice

    Its a tough job but someones got to do it! Graeme