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    its the small things in life..........15 mins of fun!

    Totally agree. I had a non working delay for many years. Being the sort that likes to pull things apart , I actually traced a split in the air tube that hugs the wiring and appears at the steering binnacle. So not all air tubes were brilliant. Mind you the car was in a scorching climate...
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    New Project begins, 1974 P6 3500 V8

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    Gearknob thread

    certainly adds je ne sais quoi to an otherwise mundane P6 interior
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    Factory antenna

    It was 50 years ago I ticked the a/c box and I remember thinking it was a very cheap option to have for a car coming to a hot climate [Aust.] I cant remember the cost -sorry. Just to say it still works perfectly although I did have the compressor and lines rejuved about 6 yrs ago for almost...
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    The Beatles top 100

    On Ya. my kinda guy.
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    Not a Rover, but...

    Yes -its not an orphan. Seen a few about in NZ. Not in that nick though.
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    Alternator again.

    as simple as that. Knowing what to look for is the tricky bit.
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    My Rover

    They were a comfortable barge in their day. You were showing your wealth. We all got around in Humber 80's
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    seatbelt plastic trim interchangeability

    Thanks We need a p6 nerd to make a complete list of interchangeable parts. Now if we all drove a Lotus !!
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    My Rover

    Do Great history Ron What was your partner looking at? - a Koala? dont think Ive ever seen a wind deflector on a p6. Common back in the 60-70's Would be a useful addition if you smoke
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    Electronic handbrakes swamp the market

    Like any new "thing" that is on the market. Good for 5 years -then? its called built in obsolescence. Thats why your Rover P6 will be around for many more years -coz we can fix them ourselves
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    What's on your xmas list?

    Looks impressive .Is it an electric to boot.?
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    More Cowbell

    Haha. Got it
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    Replacing your Rover

    Replace with another Rover. Better the devil you know
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    Rover Gas Turbine - 1S60 - for sale

    that would keep me awake at night