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    3500S NADA Timing Chain

    I upgraded my timing gear and chain at 100k kms. I had taken the cover off to replace the water pump and upgrade the oil pump. The timing chain was very slack -so basically a no brainer to do the lot while in there. I used a Reel Steel unit out of the UK. Nothing different in size from any other...
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    Rover p6b restoration

    I too enjoy your work and recordings
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    Rover v8 chrome bumpers

    Oh no -dont like the sound of that back story
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    Inhibitor Switch

    Excellent responce
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    Functionality of the Collapsible Spacer

    I would be interested on your take of the Twin Towers 9/11 destruction. I worked with explosives in the mines at Tom Price/Parapurdoo Hammersley Iron back in the 70's. The way those buildings came down -Id say a controlled blast.
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    Rover P6 Design Review on Auto-didakt website

    My thoughts too. Always was under the impression a turbine was the reason for the suspension. They couldn't get the fuel consumption sorted and dropped the idea.
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    Unexpected New Member

    Hello C-C - That doesn't look too rough and great project for you. You will find some dash pot plastic screws tend to unwind on start up and give a lumpy idle - check the oil level and then a little "locktight". Enjoy your P6 including the highs and lows and the learning curves. We are here to...
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    With Whom Shall We Dance…?

    You need a friend you can trust behind the wheel of an exotic lady
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    Fuel system cleaner

    My P6b had a carb overhaul a year back and she is still running as sweat as ever. I know our older motors don't like the new bio-fuels, well the fuel system don't. My question is . Is it OK to use a fuel system cleaner to maintain this carbie performance. I can't find any reference to these...
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    Di-Dion Gaiter

    Good man Colin.
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    My latest purchase

    Hard to shake a good P6 out of your life. Even after many years absence. I would have bought it too.
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    Heater air flow leaks

    While on the subject of heater airflow leaks Ive had my P6 from new and always admired its heating output. Over its 50 odd years the output has diminished some what. Ive been reluctant to look at the foam on the flaps as mine is an a/c integrated heater box. You heater gurus on here may like to...
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    What's your longest trip in a P6?

    Back in 1973, I drove from Mt Tom Price Western Australia to Perth and then on to Melbourne to ship my car to NZ a total of 5000kms in Oz and 2600km to NZ 7600km all up in two weeks, but I think I may have cheated getting to NZ as I wasn't driving. Old 72 period pics of West Aust, Victoria
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    Finally a tidy 3500S!

    Great score
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    fan belt

    if it didn't knock it out with the old belt ,why would a new one?