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    Hi Pesaleni, Welcome Im part Viking too .My G/mother was a full blown Swede when she came to NZ
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    Engine tick

    The right viscosity oil is essential. 20w/50 or higher with ZDDP added.
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    Hi all!..

    Hi and welcome to Rover P6 stuff. Ive had my P6 from new. It came with an advisory plastic note attached to the inside of the latch. Gently push down on the lowered boot lid and the catch will engage. If you slam the boot the air pressure inside will set up resistance. Ive never questioned the...
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    "Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

    Thanks jp928 -certainly narrows the search down. At the listed price, it would be a toss up to go with renewable filters viz K'nN or Worx. Ive read reports the renewable filters let more particles through c/f the throw away type. Im running KN at the moment but tend to forget they're there and...
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    "Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

    Great run down -thanks
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    "Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

    What year Montego is this filter off. I guess you just use a longer bolt to seat it onto the air box?
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    Interior retrims..... POST YOUR PICTURES

    The parcel tray is a nice addition
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    New Acquisition: Adventures in Austineering

    I bought the same spray gun about 2 weeks ago to respray my door bins I acquired off trademe. I found it very easy to use and doesn't need a high capacity air compressor to get the job done .
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    Pwe steering

    Can't open the thread on the electric PS- looks interesting too
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    Hello from Sweden

    Hello and welcome Treevee Unlike you, Im at the bottom of the planet I like how you have improved your P6. Those seats look oh so comfy and the Power steer unit looks like a great improvement over the original unit. Look forward to hear more from you and your lovely P6 Odd we both drive Viking...
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    Never sick of the office

    No worries- I should have added I didn't actually know what I was doing , I just assumed those two pieces of wire tied in that way. You will find the door pull handle has a little little of sideway and uplift movement for getting it to fit over the mounted bins. I must admit I used a bit of...
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    Never sick of the office

    Nice Segway. Made me laugh on the inside
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    Never sick of the office

    Hi Mrtask- Fortunately I did take a couple of pics before I "restored" the bins. My door cards are factory originals , so all the mounting holes were in place at the rear. Sorry I didn't take a pic when I had the cards off. Anyway the metal spring mount at the base of the bin takes all the...
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    Looks like a bargain !

    The cost of maintaining our classic is nothing compared to the enjoyment of driving them. I personally don't worry too much about keeping my P6 on the road as I do a lot of required work myself. I have a wife to check my spend though and her justification is often a new pair of shoes etc...
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    Never sick of the office

    Well guys its been one of those weeks when Ive been adding [bling] value? to the car. Never seen these mounted before. A NADA thing. A great place to store stuff- not. Actually in practice ,they are awkward to enter whilst in a sitting position, and really who uses maps nowadays. Anyway I...