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    The P6 certainly grow on you. Still very stylish and a good performer on the road. Not much else can touch a well fettled P6.
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    often its the clear plastic pipe that runs from the delay unit by the wiper motor to the back of the steering binnacle and the little white toggle . It gets a split in it and wont sustain a vacuum.
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    Heater Box seals

    Has anyone pulled the heater box out of a P6 with factory A/c ? There's a bit more plumbing coming out of the heaterbox. Im interested in the process as my heater has lost its magic over the years and suspect the seal.
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    Water leak at fuel filler grommet ?

    water is heavier than petrol - does this mean the bottom of your petrol tank has water in it?
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    Diff carrier bushes

    HaHa -you get me Harvey. My next life Im going to build a pit to save all the time doing pre-drive inspections
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    Diff carrier bushes

    thats if Murphy's law came into being and all nuts dropped off at the same time. Besides , am I the only guy that checks all nuts are in place each day before taking the car out of the garage? I am OCD ,
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    Diff carrier bushes

    I have my carrier bolts facing downwards. My logic told me the bolt would remain if the nut came loose
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    P6 Wiper blades

    If I recall, I think the standard length is 14''. I went 14" on passenger side and 15' the driver side.
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    1972 P6 V8 - The Lush

    If you do go down the SD1 cannister route , just be aware the larger throat will hit the top of the carburettor tower. May be a lump of rubber between the two will absorb that wear point. I also had to redrill the two holes on the frame that fit on the pegs at the back of the motor. Otherwise...
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    Has anyone installed a powerline starter motor to a Rover V8 engine in a P6?

    I converted to electronic ignition years ago. Better starting on the starter motor -within seconds, easier on the battery, smoother running , better spark plug life, better acceleration, better fuel economy. Bigger smile Forget lite weight starter motor !! esp if it aint broke. - go e-ignition...
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    1972 P6 V8 - The Lush

    The P6 cannister takes the bigger A1705 filters but it is still restricted with the narrower inlet port c/f the SD1 cannister. As I dont do high speed motoring much nowadays ,I stuck with the P6 cannister. She does breathe and accelerate better Im sure of that.
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    Oil Sump Pan Removal

    I removed my P6b sump years ago. Cant remember having to remove the exhausts. I do remember the bolts under the cross member made me cross.
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    Yarra Glen 18 Feb

    A whole lotta love on display there
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    Yarra Glen 18 Feb

    so many different models from Solihull
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    No power to starter from key? 1969 auto P6

    Ive just ,in the matter of weeks, just been through almost the same scenario as you. In my case the would engine shutdown but it would restart intermittently on the key. Very scary when driving the motorway and she turns off. After many dead end investigations , I ended up pulling the whole...