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    Fuel sender unit and reserve tap o-ring

    Indeed. I should probably fit one, but how to do it neatly with the nylon pipes? The trip to and from Brooklands went perfectly, so all is currently good. Five other P6s were there, Series 1 TC and 3500, Series 2 3500 x2 (one Australian-built) and 3500S. Happy new year to all John
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    Fuel sender unit and reserve tap o-ring

    I have now fitted the used-but-good, original-equipment sender from Pierre Janusz, and it works perfectly with credible fuel gauge readings. The 2019-vintage Wadhams pattern part, always hopelessly inaccurate, ultimately failed because the float filled up with fuel. How does that happen? What...
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    Hi new 2000tc owner Lancashire

    Welcome. Looks a great project, with a Solihull number plate too. Seats were probably Buckskin, which goes light beigey grey when it's faded, so it could be that a past owner was trying to match the faded colour it had become. Good luck and have fun. John S
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    Fuel sender unit and reserve tap o-ring

    The Wadhams senders look practically identical to OE and fit as they should, but they are neither durable nor accurate. The one in my car has failed after four years, and even when working it read empty when there was still a third of a tank left. The reason is that the float doesn't drop down...
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    Standard camshaft profiles

    All except the lift are in the manual, but you probably want more detailed information. Are you thinking of creating a 'hot' camshaft? Valve timing is 14-46-44-16, so all four degrees retarded from the SC settings to move the torque band up the rev range. Same camshaft, different positioning...
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    On two of my four-cyinder P6s I've had intermittent cutting out caused by an internal break in the wire from coil to distributor. Might be worth substituting a temporary length of wire there to see if that fixes the problem.
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    Hello from Porto, Portugal P6 2000TC ‘72

    What a brilliant find! Same model and year as mine, but a lighter brown. I hope you have fun making it ready for the road again. We were in Porto earlier this year. You live in a wonderful city. John S
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    Clutch replacement

    Good result with the acorn. Vinyl tape is not normal. And yes, the gaitor is meant to be located by the six plastic pegs that are, or were, part of the console moulding, with the rubber sandwiched by the console and the metal plate. Might be worth tracking down a replacement centre console, such...
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    Clutch replacement

    Not right. You can also diagnose the possible absence of the selector peg tip. You'll need to lift up the carpet on the right side of the transmission tunnel to get at the access hole (also used to get at the reversing light switch if I remember correctly), but that's easy to do. Lift the...
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    Clutch replacement

    My car (1972 2000 TC) as bought had a similar amount of play in the lever. The selector peg on the forward end of the shaft between gear lever and selectors was meant to have a nylon cap, which was missing. Wins supplied a new one which fixed the problem, resulting in a very positive gearshift...
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    Ammeter driver.....

    What exactly does the shunt do? I've noticed in my 2000 TC S2 that the ammeter needle doesn't show a charge, even when the charge must be considerable, but it does show a discharge correctly. Is that something to do with the shunt or is something wrong? Charging system seems to work fine in that...
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    P6 2000TC gearbox replacement

    Yes, the Blockleys are well worth considering. Good value and a tread pattern from the 1970s India GT Radial.
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    P6 2000TC gearbox replacement

    Congratulations on your now-working car. The tyres you have are actually too big. They should be 165 R14. Pirelli Cinturato CA67s are favourite (as fitted to the cars when new) but expensive, Vredestein Sprint Classics are good and a bit cheaper. There are various more modern-looking tyres in...
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    Trouble getting up hills

    My 2000 TC was hopeless on hills before I rebuilt the engine. Ignition, carbs, cam timing and valve clearances were all set correctly, and there was no blue exhaust smoke, but compressions were all about 30psi down. With the head off significant wear ridges were revealed at the tops of the bores...
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    All Greek To Me

    Non-working fuel gauge could well be that the sender unit in the tank has given up the ghost, a common problem. New ones are available from JR Wadhams but they are frustratingly non-linear. They cause the gauge to show full for longer than it should, then plummet downwards frighteningly quickly...