1970 Dreitausend fünf (LHD) Tobacco Leaf (Brown - S1)
Standard gear: Buckskin leather. 14" Rostyles. Thin S1 stainless side strip. ETs, Boot kit. Passenger grab handle.
Mods: ZF 4HP22 4 speed auto. Crower 50229 Cam. High capacity oil pump. Inertia seatbelts. Electric cooling fan. Huco electric fuel pump. Electronic distributor. SS exhaust. Steve's 24mm anti-roll bar.
Planned: 1992 EFi Heads, Hotwire injection.
Parts wanted list ** TOP PRICES PAID**
  • A set of buckskin seats any type in v. good/excellent condition. Consider a very good Toledo red interior complete. Condition more important than type.
  • LHD dashtop - round instrument type
  • Carpet - Auto trans front piece in Mortlake brown - woven type.
  • Carpet - LH sill piece in Mortlake brown - woven type.
  • Narrow stainless side trim - front (small) piece. Consider full set if necessary.
  • L - shaped front door pulls (buckskin).
  • Complete set of matching Sundym.
  • A pair of HIF6 pistons so I can convert my HS6 to spring loaded needles.




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