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    VW ID.3 electric motor is so compact it fits in a sports bag

    You have to remember that in approximate terms, the P6 was built 60 years into the development of the motor car & we are now 120 years in so a P6 (& all its other contemporaries) were only at the half-way point!
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    beam speed limits and traffic information directly into cars

    Contrary to what some of my nearest & dearest think, I'm not a total neanderthal ;) & I'm with Hobby for modern cars' safety & abilities. I cited electric windows because they are just one of those things that we don't really need, unless someone on here can think of a reason other than vanity...
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    Rejuvenating (very dry) leather seats

    That sounds great! I’ve still got the back of the driver’s seat to do, so I’ll try it.
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    BOP has just notched up 150,000 miles today! Nothing compared to some on here I know, but quite a milestone nonetheless :cool:
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    OCC 469 - restoring & running a "sharkstooth" 2000

    Very nice & original :). Rover did think of most things! I've sorted the bent passenger's glove box by reusing the vinyl on a straighter box. This is what it was like: ...and this is the straight one: :)
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    "Hazel" - a series 1 V8 daily driver

    Just waiting for the new radiator to arrive; here's the old one: :(
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    Headlight Conversion Options

    I'm refurbishing 'Hazel's' front end whilst I'm changing the radiator & thought about wiring some extra LED sidelights into the halogen bowls. I have LED bulbs in the actual sidelights which are MUCH brighter than the originals & I'm thinking some in the outer headlamps will make good 'running...
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    Rejuvenating (very dry) leather seats

    After the problems with the passenger seat, I have had a go with the driver's seat. I have been using a soft brush & literally painted around 5 thin coats on: Still some way to go, but it's already much better than it was: I've still got a few coats to apply & might spray the final ones...
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    Flicking ammeter

    I've now fitted this & the ammeter is behaving itself. .......However, the rev counter started flicking literally between nil & the red line all the time o_O also, just for good measure the previously dead oil pressure gauge went straight to the max end of the scale :oops: But then again, all...
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    beam speed limits and traffic information directly into cars

    Another example of doing something 'because we can' rather than having an actual need for it :rolleyes: It started with electric windows......
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    How does your V8 sound?

    Both my V8s sound absolutely gorgeous - I think it helps that they are used regularly. The main problem is that you have to stand outside the car to get the full benefit ;) And yes, the 2000 has its charm, too :cool:
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    My '72 P6 V8 is back in use on UK roads and once again wearing its silver on black 'K' plates!

    Very nice! Those 'plates are hard to beat with the pressed grooves running along the letters. I don't think it's possible to get these type made now. I once tried to get some done but they came with the grooves horizontal throughout the plate.
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    Change of Tyre size ?

    Ahh, I see - that makes sense. Given that, how is it that my 2000 is still much lighter on the steering.... :confused: I don't think the tyre pressures are much different.
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    Change of Tyre size ?

    My (non power steering) V8S has 'standard' 185s on whereas my early 2000 has 'standard' 165s on, which are significantly narrower. The 2000 is a delight to drive, but the V8 is really a bit heavy. Of course the cars' weights aren't too different. I also agree with Demetris' comment about...
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    When One 3500s Just Isn’t Enough...!

    Very nice! Your weather's a bit nicer than ours - cold, wet & windy :(