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    The View From The Windscreen

    Thanks Ron - they're whale bones & have been there since I was a lad (so a long time ;)). Enjoy the series - there are about 18 'seasons' of about 20 episodes each I think, all filmed around Goathland & Whitby.
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    The View From The Windscreen

    On the same road as TRM above: Truly stunning scenery & a really enjoyable drive , ending up in Whitby :D
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    P6 buying advice please

    I have a ‘64 2000 (made before TCs or V8s we’re available). I’ve fully rebuilt it over 18 years to standard spec & it’s quite a flier! I also owned a TC (‘72 with the slightly smaller carbs admittedly) but it wasn’t noticeably quicker than the ‘64.
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    Which headrests have i got?

    I think their correct name is 'adjustable headrests' ;)
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    Which headrests have i got?

    Up & down movement is just by slackening the screw in the back of the seat & pulling the headrest either way.
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    The Forth Railway Bridge

    I've been across it many times & do have some pictures from way back taken through the front of a DMU (Diesel Multiple Unit). I'll see if I can dig them out.
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    Thanks Quagmire. I’ll check tightness. I put a new parcel shelf in a while ago so things may have worked loose. Good point about the lube; I have some silicone spray & will use that.
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    BOP is continuing to provide good service & will have a few issues dealt with before our daughter's wedding in August, as it's the chosen wedding car :) I was out in it today & it has annoying plasticky creaks from many parts of the dashboard (Series 2 - round dials) which I can't seem to...
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    Mth 442h is back

    Nice to see you on here again, Gareth. :) I'm on a bit of a sabbatical at the moment, but will return to 'full fat' hopefully in the next few months when I get my 'Italian mistress' something like road legal :cool: MTH looks well. Your pictures are prompting me to actually get 'Hazel's' wheel...
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    Brake sticking question

    How about a collapsed flexi hose to one of the callipers? Foot pressure may still apply the brakes, but ‘ambient’ return pressure isn’t enough to release the brake pistons in these situations. You can’t check the potential problem without removing the hose & seeing if it blows through easily...
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    Wire wheels

    These wheels have now been collected - many thanks!
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    P6B 3500s Front Number plate plinth

    If it's the standard fitting, it will just be a case of securing the two horizontal strips with their respective inner two bumper mounting bolts/brackets. Some owners use an inverted rear chromed plinth at the front & I'm not sure how these are fitted.
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    Multi-Shade Brown 1971 P6 3500

    Nice car :D Are those Avon (?) alloys? :hmm:
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    Doors & Wings

    Hi Michael, The doors sold (very well :)) but I haven't sorted any wings out yet. I'm using my best passenger side rear for Hazel - are you after a 'mint' one or just one without the usual rust at the top? Thanks, Phil. PS: There's what appears to be a good set of wings on ebay at the moment...
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    My latest purchase

    Indeed - on closer inspection they are! An even better car ;)