1. thob

    Revotec Tailormade Cooling Kit for Rover P6 V8 or Triumph Stag

    I bought this one but then decided not to use it. I have it though running in a 2nd P6 V8 - it does its job quite well. It comes with original packaging. Totally new, hasn't been used. 15.2" Blowing Fan Laser Cut Mild Steel Powder Coated Fan Mounting Brackets 32mm Revotec Electronic Fan...
  2. DAK

    Threaded Radiator Cap

    I am looking to find a replacement radiator cap for my 1968 2000 TC manual car. The radiator in question has a non relieving cap on the top of the radiator (chromed) and a relieving cap on a tank on the side of the radiator. When they made those caps, they only included a few threads on the cap...