Fuel leak at pump.

John Bryan

I recently fitted a new AC pump. 2200TC. Since then I have a slight leak at the inlet side. The union is as tight as I can get it, without the risk of snapping something so
I want to replace it. I have a new fitting and olive plus a length of 1/4" copper tube.
Looking at the bottom of the pipe, it fits into a plastic pipe. How far into the plastic pipe? Does it go all the way to the tank? Any advice would be very much appreciated.
I don't have one handy, but it’s about an inch as I recall. That line is fairly short, just goes to the reserve tap. Tricky bit is I’ve never been successful trying to remove the metal end and inserting a new one in the same bit of plastic.

I have made up replacement fuel lines using semi Rigid black PA (Nylon) 12 pipe which is the the original spec. I have warned the end in hot water before sliding on to the metal ends. 20mm or so . Its actually easier with new plastic pipe as the old often gets hard